January 2011

The Center for the Performing Arts

Today a new Executive Director for The Center for the Performing Arts was announced and media were given a tour of the state of the art building. Debra Hoskins, a two time EKU graduate comes back to us from a distinguished career at Norton Center for the Arts at Centre College in Danville. Welcome home Debbie!

Finishing touches to the Center for the Performing Arts
The new Executive Director
Almost finished, the EKU Center for Performing Arts
Media Presentation of the new building

Published on January 31, 2011

Keeping the Walkways Clear

This image is from a couple years ago but it's a good depiction of what our Facilities Services crews go through to keep our cold snowy environment as safe as possible. I came across these guys after leaving the office late one night. It was brutally cold and they had already been working out there for a couple hours trying to keep the snow from settling on the walkways.

facilities crew removing snow from campus walkways with a snowblower

Published on January 12, 2011

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