September 2011

EKU Center for the Arts

Patrons walk along red carpet in front of EKU Center for the Arts
Keys hanging on a pegboard at valet station
patrons file into EKU Center door
Large crowd of patrons in the EKU Center lobby
Pianist sits at piano with bass in the foreground
Female usher in black dress walks up aisle with programs
Red ribbon and bow hangs across stage
view of empty EKU Center from balcony
EKU President Doug Whitlock

EKU President Doug Whitlock

Kentucky's First Lady Jane Beshear

Kentucky's First Lady Jane Beshear

Kentucky's First Lady Jane Beshear and EKU President Doug Whitlock cut the ribbo

Kentucky's First Lady Jane Beshear and EKU President Doug Whitlock cut the ribbon at the opening gala for the EKU Center for the Arts in Richmond, KY

conductor stands before orchestra on stage
Color guard presents flags on stage
uniformed man salutes flag from audience
Conductor waves baton before orchestra
view of orchestra on stage from side of the Center
view of orchestra from balcony
performance artist dangles from rope while orchestra plays
violinist tunes his violin backstage with blue light behind him
blue-lit backstage
performers wait backstage
view of orchestra from backstage
Nick Clooney addresses Center audience

Nick Clooney

Nina Clooney addresses audience

Nina Clooney

man in tux before woven background
blurred woman carrying drinks in front of abstract painting
Catering staff carrying crates up stairs
windows of EKU Center at night

Published on September 19, 2011

Meadowbrook Farm

Here is a part of EKU rarely seen by the masses, Meadowbrook Farm. I was invited, last week, to spend few hours on the farm with some members of the Ag Club and a couple of faculty members in the Department of Agriculture. In spite of the heat (and the smell... don't tell them I mentioned that) this crew was lively and fun to be around.

Tractor collects corn
Stone sign that says Eastern Kentucky University Meadowbrook Farm
female student in jeans sit on red fence
boots with shadow
man with white beard walks away from tractor
man driving green john deere tractor
macro image of grass blades
EKU student in cowboy hat leans on post
students view cow through chute
black cows
EKU faculty discusses with student by a wooden fence
students collect around farm silo
students stand in corn field
tractor pulling equipment in corn field
students standing among corn stalks
sow with piglets stand on metal grate
3 cows hooked up to milking machine
milking facility
calf stands in a pen
cows walking through livestock pen
cows sticks heads through feed trough
student gestures to cows eating
red livestock polebarn
man with glasses and cowboy hat
polebarn, silo, and outbuilding under blue sky

Published on September 07, 2011

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