August 2012

The Class of 2016

Willing participants from the class of 2016 posed for portraits before the New Student Convocation. These portaits were created for the purpose of Facebook "tagging" and to offer a glimpse of our newest students. You can view all the images taken on the Official EKU Facebook page here

four students pose for camera
student with backwards hat points to camera in pose
male student plays air guitar
EKU student poses in Titleist hat
EKU student in black rim glasses points out of frame
Female student with 3 male students pose for the camera
male student in cowboy hat and muscle shirt
male student flexes bicep
female student gives two thumbs up
female student in black lacy top smiles at camera
two female students lock arms in pose
two female students smiling facing each other
three female students pose for the camera
two student in dresses pose
4 students pose
two female students with arms around the other pose
male and female student smiles
male student with Gatorade bottle
male student with detroit red wings hat
four female student stand in a line and smile
laughing male student lifts another
three students grin at the camera
four student volunteers at photo shoot
two blonde female students holding programs at photo shoot

Published on August 20, 2012

Fall 2012 Convocation

Welcome back, everyone. Colonel up and have a great year.

Pres. Whitlock looks up at convocation
windows of coates building

photo by: Salem Peters

reflective granite tiles outside coates

photo by: Salem Peters

staff and faculty entering coates doors

photo by: Salem Peters

doors to Brock Auditorium
stage of Brock Auditorium in the background
Eastern Kentucky University labelled backdrop while Pres. Whitlock speaks
view of stage from offstage
another speaker at convocation
Brett Morris speaks at convocation
Whitlock stands with arms folded offstage
Whitlock watches students from offstage
students dance during convocation

photo by: Salem Peters

dancing students during performance
view of whitlock from behind stage
whitlock stands with hands in pockets on stage
faculty and staff listen to convocation presentation
seated staff during convocation
standing ovation at convocation
Whitlock is interviewed by cameraman

Published on August 15, 2012

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