March 2016

Trash to Fash

On March 2, members of the EKU community walked the runway in designs made of recycled materials as part of the fourth annual Trash Fash. The event, organized by the Department of Art and Design and the Office of Sustainability, promotes awareness of RecycleMania, taking place at EKU through April 2.

students model fashion made from recycled materials, including playing cards
female student with glasses model clothes made from men's ties
student models black outfit made from strips of cloth
student models skirt on runway
female student models skirt made from magazine ads
student models outfit made from stuffed animals and dolls
model with outfit made from newspaper
male student models suit made with cardboard and straws
female student models cloak made from black and silver duct tape
female models dress made from plastic bags
female student models skirt made from fabric swatches
female student models plastic bag outfit
student wears mask resembling tree branches made of aluminum foil
student models outfit made from paper
all models lineup for curtain call

Published on March 11, 2016

Excitement Builds for #EKU20

As the seasons change, #FutureColonels from all over are posting their excitement about coming to #EKU this fall.  From getting banners from the Office of Admissions to receiving an acceptance letter to the EKU Honors Program, this photo blog features students showing their love for #EKU20.

Acceptance Letter and #FUTURECOLONEL banner
#FUTURECOLONEL banner with smiling woman with glasses
#FUTURECOLONEL banner with bracelet
#FUTURECOLONEL banner held by girl in white shirt
Future student displays his acceptance letter into EKU Honors
#FUTURECOLONEL banner with acceptance letters
#FUTURECOLONEL banner held by girl in front of safe
two future students display #FUTURECOLONEL banners
collage of EKU logos
woman peeks over her #FUTURECOLONEL banner
smiling woman with #FUTURECOLONEL banner
smiling woman with glasses displays her acceptance letters
smiling woman with #FUTURECOLONEL banner
full body pose with #FUTURECOLONEL banner
new student displays her #FUTURECOLONEL banner
arrangement of EKU admissions materials

Published on March 01, 2016

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