February 2020

Book a trip to the library!

For most college students, the library is a go-to spot for long study-sessions, group project meetups, or just some peace and quiet. EKU Libraries has Colonels covered on all fronts!

A view from the library looking down at Java City.
Library book shelves
Student study together at the Student Success Center
A student visits advisor at the Student Success Center
Overlooking students studying in Java City
A student studies in the library with shelves full of books.
Two students work together on a laptop in the library.
A view of the Noel Studio in the Library.
Students studying in the Library common area.
A student finds a quiet study spot in the library
Students wait in line at Java City

Students wait to get food at Java City

A student walking up beside the Noel Reading Porch
Students hang out on a bench outside of the Library facing Noel Reading Porch
A student studies alone in the library
Students study together in a common area of the library
Student highlights notes while studying at the library.
A student reads a book on a couch in the library.
'You Belong Here' banner hangs outside the library entrance

Published on February 18, 2020

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