I was able to follow along as President Whitlock gave the Board of Regents a tour of Elmwood just before their quarterly meeting last Wednesday the 28th. I expect this will be just the beginning of my documentation of the property so I hope you will consider this a "living" post and check back for updates. Here is a small collection of my brief journey through this beautiful estate.

fresco above door at Elmwood Estate
Whitlock gives tour on Elmwood grounds
broken birdbath on Elmwood grounds
Whitlock discusses grounds with tour
pasture at Elmwood grounds
window dormers at Elmwood Estate
Window at Elmwood Estate
Tour enters Elmwood Estate
Dean Pogatchnik views Estate
Kitchen sink in Elmwood Estate
stained glass window of Elmwood Estate
dining room of elmwood estate
tour ascend stairs within elmwood estate
closeup of wooden stairs
elmwood staircase
closeup of finial on staircase
closeup architecture of staircase
large mirror above fireplace in sitting room
two portrait hang on wall above grand piano
frayed fabric
painted portrait on chair
closeup view of couch
sitting room from hallway
sitting room from outside door
attendee ascends curving stairs
photo of old newspaper
room in shambles near top of estate
view of the inside of the rotunda
another view of the inside of the rotunda
looking down spiral staircase
old windup telephone
exterior of estate
stone sign appears to say william and watts
illegible carving in brick
A. D. 1887 carved in stone
another view of front of estate

Published on October 03, 2011

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