Fall Campus Beautiful

When fall comes around, it’s hard not to fall in love with the #CampusBeautiful. The trees look like watercolor paintings, with their red, orange and yellow leaves serving as a wondrous backdrop for EKU’s modern and historic architecture. The air turns chilly and crisp — perfect weather for warm #EKU sweatshirts — and students are excited about the coming holidays. Picture yourself here with these eye-catching fall photos by EKU photographer Amanda J. Cain and student photographers Carsen A. Bryant, Gabriella Ferraro,  Julia Hickey & Ashley Fletcher.  

a female student walks through campus on a rainy fall day
Fall color surrounds the EKU sign
Fall Color is shown beautifully in the ravine
A female student works on homework near the meditation chapel
Students wait for public transportation near the Daniel Boone statue
A tree shines brightly near the Ravine on a beautiful fall day
A male student sits on his phone in the Ravine
Fall Color fills the Ravine
Fall leaves lay on the ground outside of the Combs Building
Fall color leaves lay on the ground, as a student makes her way to class
Students make there way pass the library on a fall morning.
A female student sits in the Ravine on her phone
Raindrops appear on a leaf
Two female students sit and talk outside of the combs building
A female student walks with an umbrella on a wet fall morning
A female student passes in front of the Roark building
a female student poses for a photo on a beautiful fall day
Seen through trees and fall color, a female student heads to class
Students walk along side of the combs building
Surrounded by fall color, students make their way to Case Dining Hall
Surrounded by fall color, students study in the ravine
A male student passes through beautiful fall color
A female student poses for a photo on Halloween
Students make there way to class on a rainy day
Students walk to class on a beautiful fall morning
A student passes McGregor Hall
Fall leaves lay on the wet ravine pathway
A student checks her phone, while waiting for a friend outside of Keen Johnson
Tons of fall color leaves lay on the ground
A female student makes her way past Keen Johnson

Published on November 14, 2019

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