First Day of Classes 2011

Click the link below to view a 15 hour time-lapse of all the movement around the Keen Johnson Building on the first day of classes.

Keen Johnson Building
Student walking before magnolia tree
3 students walking on sidewalk in front of EKU Library
Man holding door open as he prepares to step through
Female student in hat paying parking meter
female student with black backback walks away in front of EKU building
EKU student in green shirt walks across crosswalk in front of keen johnson
two female EKU students talk while crossing crosswalk
female EKU student walks along curb
Architectural details outside Powell Building
A group of students walk along breezeway next to Powell
A group of students walk along breezeway next to Powell with blue sky in backgro
students purchase food at Checkout within Powell Building
students shop at convenience store within powell
chefs prepare sandwiches at food court within powell
2 students converse at tables in food court
chef in black uniform hands plate to male student
Female places order at Einstein Bros white employees look on
male sips coffee while reading on his laptop
students viewed through door windows
students walk into building
EKU facilities employee clean door window
male in cap and sunglasses trails female student as they walk into building
students search for course materials in bookstore
student listening to earbuds with Macbook outside
students sit at picnic tables outside meditation center
students stand on stairs outside powell building
students exit building with columns
female with pink shirt walks on campus
male in plaid shirt and cargo shorts walk into sunlight
students shake hands
students around exterior of powell building
male points at photographer through greenery
male student sitting in class
male and female look at papers pinned to a wall in the distance
Steve Greenwell holds coffee cup while looking at a computer screen
man works on a computer in his office
group sitting at tables for EKU College of Education
Man looks off into distance while sitting at a table
large group of students outside powell building
looking at students through blinds in powell building
looking up stairway in powell building with skylights
awning on powell building stating Fountain and Food Court
closeup of fountain outside powell building
closeup of fountain with trees in background
students sit on steps outside building
yellow and green straps wrapped around tree trunk while student balance on strap
female cyclist rides bike outside keen johnson

Published on August 23, 2011

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