Move-In Day 2011

I remember a time when move-in was just a little bit more hectic than it is these days. To be honest, it's WAY too organized and tame for those really crazy packed parking lot photos from way back when... the ones I loved to take. Now, the staff responsible run a VERY well oiled machine. It might be the best laid move-in plan in the country. I'm a little disappointed with that. BORING. I expect that next year it will only get better so, I don't think I'm even going to show up. What's the point? Smiling faces... inside voices... resting heart rates... blah.

students carrying totes into dorm
students with move-in items on sidewalk
woman in dress reads a paper next to totes while girls in GO Greek shirts look o
new students stand around their move-in items
student in orange shirt carries pillows
students carrying stuff through commonwealth building
Housing staff reviews paperwork during move-in day
EKU police on bikes outside Powell Bldg
Hall residents wearing shirt that says, Dude, where's my room?
Female student carrying totes
students carrying various items to their dorms
students wearing orange shirts carry plastic shelves
staff checking in student on movein day
Financial aid office is busy with students
student is checked in to her dorm
student smiles in his new dorm room
students collect in dorm room
students walk down stairwell

Published on August 23, 2011

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