Move-In Mania: Late Night Fun

Okay, I'm definitely a little bitter after shooting this event the same day as move-in. The students today are SO spoiled with their easy uneventful move-in and all the fun activities that are planned for them. Back in MY day my Grandma had to walk from the "650 lot" with my refrigerator on her back and play "frogger" through the traffic just to get to my Hall only to wait in a line (in the snow) that seemed to wrap the building two or three times. Oh, and there were no foam parties... not a single one. Life was hard.

two female students smile among soap suds
student in EKU Climbing Team tshirt walks away from camera
EKU Intramural staff looks at new students from behind table
student dribbling a soccer ball
students dance among black-lit foam
student with red hair and neon neckloack smiles in the foam
foam is sprayed among students
two female students with yellow Move in Mania shirts are covered in foam
female student in pink shirt pushes through foam
students roast marshmallows at fire pit
two male students compete with foam jousting match
students play on inflatable obstacle course
student prepares to slide down inflatable
Eastern Lacrosse players stand among other students
view of climbing wall in the rec center
students climbing up climbing wall

Published on August 23, 2011

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