Pedway Perspectives

As alumni return to the #CampusBeautiful this week for Homecoming, here’s a look at how students get around campus – specifically by using the #EKU Pedway to cross Lancaster Avenue.  Check out this collection of photos featuring the Pedway from prospective students, campus visitors, and #EKUPeople alike.  Have images you’d like featured on the Photo Blog?  Follow us on Instagram @easternkentuckyu and use #EKU to share your perspectives on campus.

Pedway across Lancaster Ave
view of pedway from street
pink lights light interior of pedway
view of pedway from sidewalk
pedway viewed from lawn
pedway viewed from elevated position
EKU sign on side of pedway behind street sign labelling Lancaster and University
another view of pedway from street
lighted EKU sign on pedway at night
lighted Eastern Kentucky University sign on pedway
lit pedway at dusk

Published on October 21, 2015

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