As students make their way back to campus, they may notice that Pokemon have taken over the #CampusBeautiful. With over 20+ PokeStops, 5+ gyms and the amazing chalk art from talented student Wylie Caudill, EKU is the place to catch ‘em all. Check out this collection of photos from students, faculty/staff, alumni and visitors that capture the #PokemonGo phenomenon across campus. 

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For more information about #PokemonEKU, including a campus map and safety tips, visit cm.eku.edu/pokemon-go

Pokemon Chalk art on brick
screenshot of pokemon chalk art from Pokemon Go app
Pokemon Go Pidgeotto before Centennial Man statue
Pokemon Go Pinsir on EKU sidewalk
Pokemon Go chalk art Magmar
Pokemon Go Venonat before Student Success Center
Pokemon Go Rattata on EKU Staff desk
Pokemon Go Venonat before Daniel Boone statue
Pokemon Go Gengar chalk art
Pokemon Go Pidgey before Meditation Center and fountain
Pokemon Go Rattata before Bulbasaur chalk art
Pokemon Go Bulbasaur chalk art

Published on August 08, 2016

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