Power of Maroon: Leadership Spotlight - Mark Welker

I had the opportunity to make a pretty cool portrait yesterday and I wanted to share it here. Aside from her outstanding student population, EKU is a great place to learn and work because of all of her dedicated and passionate faculty, staff and alumni. So, along with focusing on student life in this blog, we will also include some photos of the people who make this place run. This is one of the people charged with keeping us safe and prepared for anything.

Mark Welker, Executive Director of Public Safety, was featured in an ongoing series that is part of the EKUpdate (faculty and staff newsletter) called "Power of Maroon: Leadship Spotlight." This profile is designed to allow EKU leaders and others in prominent positions to discuss their roles as well as campus issues. Welker began working at EKU as the Chief of Police in June 2004, after 25 years of administrative responsibilities at other universities. In July 2008, he assumed the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director of Public Safety. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Police Science and Administration from Northern Arizona University and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, and the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. He also holds law enforcement certifications in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Below is his response to a key question in the interview.

As a new academic year gets underway, what are some of the major public safety challenges and concerns for the University?

Although each department within the Division has developed its own strategic goals, one of our primary combined initiatives relates to emergency preparedness. Emergency planning for the institution is a collaborative effort. We are continually working with internal workgroups with broad campus representation and expertise and external agencies to enhance our Emergency Action Plan (EAP), which can be found at www.police.eku.edu. A part of the EAP includes building specific plans which are being developed to address emergency preparedness as well as life safety of our faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

As is the case at the beginning of every academic year, traffic and parking congestion are major concerns. I’m always pleased to inform the campus community that, with the exception of a few days throughout the year, there are always parking spaces available on campus. However, they may not be available where people would like them to be. Therefore, I encourage people to familiarize themselves with the shuttle schedule, which can be viewed on the Parking and Transportation website, park on the periphery of campus and take advantage of the shuttle services.

You can see his full Q&A with Karen Lynn by visiting http://www.prm.eku.edu/Update/.

Mark Welker, Executive Director of Public Safety. Sitting in a black chair

Mark Welker, Executive Director of Public Safety

Published on August 31, 2010

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