Shop #HealthyEKU

The Madison County's Farmers Market provides a variety of healthy locally grown food options. They have fresh tomatoes to berries and even local beef. The farmers market has lower prices than any grocery store, and the best part is that it's grown right here in Madison County. So what are you waiting for? Head on out to the next farmers market!! The #EKU Campus Farmers Market is every Thursday from 10am - 1pm in Alumni Coliseum parking lot. Shop #HealthyEKU. 

Photography by recent Madison Central graduate, Roberto Monraga.

EKU Farmer's Market in Alumni Coliseum parking lot
head of cauliflower
farmers market table covered in vegatables
purple flower
closeup of carton of eggs
basket of fresh green beans
tray of butternut squash
head of cabbage on red and white checkered tablecloth
containers of fruit infused water
frozen beef on table
farmers market attendees purchase small loaf of bread

Published on July 15, 2016

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