Spring 2015 Commencement

A stage set with a double rainbow and an evening finished with fireworks, the 2015 Spring University-wide commencement at Roy Kidd Stadium was one to remember. Lt. Govenor "Crit" Luallen was honored with a Honorary Doctorate of Laws degree and addressed the graduating class. In addition to that evening celebration, each college had their own individual Commencement ceremony, for a recognized total of 2,764 degrees. Below are some images captured from the #EKUGrad celebrations, credited to the great photographers who captured each ceremony. 

EKU Graduates getting ready before the University wide celebration

University-wide Commencement, Photography credit: Matt Goins

EKU 2015 Spring graduates take photos before Commencement ceremony
President Benson, Crit Luallen and graduating student Stephanie Smith
EKU 2015 Spring graduates walking to Commencement ceremony celebration
Student orchestra performing during University wide celebration
EKU Commencement stage view
EKU commencement stage view with flags
EKU commencement stage view from audience
Stephanie Smith, student commencement speaker
President Benson speaking at University wide Commencement celebration
Crit Luallen getting honorary Doctor of Laws degree
Craig Turner, Crit Luallen, President Benson at EKU Spring 2015 Commencement
Crit Luallen speaking at the EKU Spring 2015 Commencement ceremony
Fireworks at the end of the Commencement ceremony with graduates watching
EKU graduates celebrating at Spring 2015 Commencement ceremony
EKU 2015 Spring Commencement ceremony with stage and fireworks
EKU grads take selfie with President Benson at Spring 2015 Commencement
Speaker at College of Business & Tech Commencement

College of Business & Tech Commencement Photography Credit: Sarah Bucknam

EKU graduate receives diploma at College of Business & Tech Commencement
EKU graduate prepares to receive diploma at EKU Commencement
EKU graduate walks across stage at College of Business & Tech Commencement
EKU graduate walking across stage to receive diploma at Commencement
EKU aviation graduate
University-wide Commencement celebration

Photography Credit: Matt Schumacher

Published on May 19, 2015

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