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seated graduates during commencement
December 16
EKU Student Instagram photo of NSB building during Fall
November 04
EKU Student instagram photo of Daniel Boone statue
November 02
EKU Cheerleaders during the Homecoming 2015 game
October 29
Pedway across Lancaster Ave
October 21
EKU Student instagram photo in front of Keen Johnson
September 24
Female ROTC student Collins
September 15
2015 Rec the Ravine event at EKU
September 02
Students in the Ravine during Welcome week 2015 at EKU
August 28
EKU Student abroad in Ireland
August 14
EKU Student Instagram photo of Keen Johnson Building
June 30
EKU Football team in Haiti
June 01
EKU Student photo of the Ravine with sunlight
May 28
EKU Graduates getting ready before the University wide celebration
May 19
Women from Class of 2015 holding sign that states "We are thankful for friends"
May 07
looking through door into greenhouse
April 24
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