Photo Blog

image of EKU cheerleaders with flags
October 01
Image of Keene Tower
September 13
image of student at a dance
September 03
EKU Skywalk
July 17
image of door handle
June 28
Student strumming guitar while sitting at the Ravine
May 02
EKU Students in Fire and Safety program fight a fire
April 16
tracks in snow outside meditation center
March 08
EKU ROTC Cadet Adam Renn of Louisville salutes as the flag is flown at half-mast
November 12
The morning commute. Beckham Hall in the background. Photo by Chris Radcliffe
November 08
black and white image of first responders bowing heads
September 12
archaeology student photographs dig
September 07
four students pose for camera
August 20
Pres. Whitlock looks up at convocation
August 15
ROTC students crouch in grass
March 16
Image of the Science Building
January 23
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