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Applications and Diplomas

An image of students holding their diplomas after graduating from Eastern Kentucky University.

Graduation Application FAQ's

Q: Can the GURUS help me?

A: YES… you can always stop by a GURU location to ask questions.¬†

Q: How do I apply to graduate?

A: Log into MyEKU > Big E Central Card > Student Records > Apply to Graduate.

Q: How quickly will the hold be lifted?

A: The program that lifts the Graduation Holds runs every 30 minutes.  So, 30 minutes is the longest you will have to wait once you correctly submit an application.

Q: What if I do not create an academic plan in Degree Works?

A: When your College Graduation Expert reviews your record, she/he will expect to see a plan that includes all graduation requirements. If the plan is complete, your graduation goal will be approved. If your anticipated graduation semester is neither reasonable nor possible, and your plan needs to be changed, you will be notified.

Q: What happens if I ignore the advice of my College Graduation Expert?

A: It is very important that you have a complete, and reasonable, academic plan in Degree Works and that your stated graduation timeframe is possible. Your College Graduation Expert will apply a hold and prevent you from adding/dropping/withdrawing from any classes until your academic plan in Degree Works, and your anticipated graduation term, are appropriate for your stated major.

Q: Will EKU kick me out if I don’t finish my degree by my graduation term on my application?

A: No, the term you have on your application is just a goal, it is when you anticipate you might graduate. If all things go as planned, and all courses are offered when you need them, and the stars are aligned just right, etc. But life happens. That anticipated graduation term may need to be adjusted. Your College Graduation Expert will do that for you. Contact her/him to discuss deferring graduation to a later semester, or it may be done for you after your application is reviewed, or after your final grades are reviewed. 

Q: What if I do not apply?

A: You will have a hold that will prevent you from adding/dropping/withdrawing from any classes until this requirement is met. Applying online is quick and easy, it only takes a few minutes.

Q: Why should I apply now? I don’t think I will be graduating this year.

A: EKU is committed to each student graduating in the most time efficient and cost effective route. You cannot know what that route is until you go through Degree Works and carefully create your best, and most direct, route to graduation. Even if your graduation semester is 4 or 5 semesters out there is great value to create a term-by-term plan in Degree Works, a firm graduation goal, and staying on track to reach that goal. Yes, there is great value to going through the application process now.

Q: I tried to apply but my major is not listed on the application?

A: You can only apply to graduate for the major that is listed on your Degree Works audit. If you want a degree different from what is on Degree Works you must change your major first, before applying to graduate. See your advisor to do this. However if your current major (as shown on Degree Works) is correct but is not showing up in MyEKU when you try to apply to graduate Р then please email Be sure to email from your EKU email account and include your name and EKU ID in your email.

Q: Who do I ask if I need help submitting an application?

A: You can contact the College Graduation Expert for your major, speak with a GURU, or you can email 

Q: Will I be charged a graduation fee?

A: Yes, once you apply to graduate with your baccalaureate degree the appropriate graduation fee will be applied to your account. The fee for an undergraduate degree is $50.

Q: I am also earning a University certificate.  Do I have to submit an application for that as well as for my degree?

A: YES. You will need to submit a separate application for your certificate ‚Äď but only if it is a University certificate (requires 24 or more credit hours to complete). If the certificate is a departmental certificate (requires fewer than 24 hrs to complete), then you do not submit an application through MyEKU.

Q: If I am earning a DOUBLE MAJOR, will I have to pay two fees?

A: No, you are still earning only one bachelors degree. That degree is the one associated with your first major. You will be charged only one graduation fee of $50 for that baccalaureate degree. However you do need to submit two applications ‚Äď one application for each major ‚Äď so remember to submit a 2nd application to get the 2nd major listed on your transcript.¬†

Q: I am earning a DOUBLE MAJOR but was billed a 2nd graduation fee. Is that right?

A: No, you should be charged only one fee. If you happen to get billed a 2nd graduation fee your College Graduation Expert for your major will be happy to have that 2nd fee reversed.

Q: What is the difference between ‚ÄúDOUBLE MAJOR‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúDUAL DEGREE‚ÄĚ?

A: 1. DOUBLE MAJOR = The student earns one bachelor degree and receives only one diploma. There is a 2nd area of study (2nd major), but the student has not earned enough hours to complete an additional bachelor degree. The student’s transcript will state that the student earned one degree with two major areas of study.  

2. DUAL DEGREE = The student completed all requirements for two separate bachelor degree programs Рearning at least 150 credit hours Рand thus will receive two diplomas. The student’s transcript will list two separate baccalaureate degrees in different disciplines.

Q: What does the graduation fee cover?

A: The graduation fee covers processing, production, and mailing of the EKU diploma as well as the complementary official transcript sent to each graduating student. Students pay a graduation fee for each diploma produced. One diploma = one graduation fee. Students with double majors pay one graduation fee. Students earning two degrees  Рdual degree earners Рpay two graduation fees, one for each degree earned. Two degrees = two graduation fees.

Q: I am earning two degrees.  I plan to receive two diplomas.  Do I pay two graduation fees?

A: Yes, you pay a graduation fee for each diploma produced. You are considered a ‚ÄúDual Degree‚ÄĚ student. The graduation fee covers processing, production, and mailing of your diplomas and complementary graduating transcripts. Two diplomas = two graduation fees. It is important that your College Graduation Expert knows you are DUAL DEGREE ‚Äď if this is not noted on your record, and on your Degree Works, then you will only receive one degree and only one diploma.

Steps for Applying for Graduation

Undergraduate students become eligible to graduate by:

  1. Completing all program requirements as specified in the applicable undergraduate catalog.
  2. Submitting a Graduation Application through MyEKU.

Graduate students become eligible to graduate by:

  1. Completing all program requirements as specified in the applicable graduate catalog.
  2. Scheduling the comprehensive exam or thesis defense (GRD)
  3. Submitting a Graduation Application through MyEKU by:
    August 31 for December graduation
    January 31 for May graduation
    May 31 for Summer graduation

Ceremonies are held at the close of the Fall and Spring semesters. Students who are candidates for graduation are encouraged to participate in the ceremony.

Graduation Application Fees

The graduation application fee is $50 for each undergraduate-level degree sought, and $20for each undergraduate University certificate sought.

The graduation application fee is $55 for each graduate-level degree sought and $20 for each graduate University certificate sought .

How the graduation fees are applied:
The fee is assessed to the student’s EKU account upon completion of the graduation application. This graduation fee partially offsets the production and mailing of diplomas and certificates.

College Graduation Experts

College of Business

Julie Spease (859) 622-1414 Manager
Amanda McIntosh (859) 622-8869 Majors: A-L
Cara Makinen (859) 622-1840 Majors: M-Z
Beth Lewis (859) 622-2516 Majors: Online BBA

College of Education and Applied Human Sciences

Stacey Korson (859) 622-8409 Majors: All Education, Apparel Design & Merchandising, Child & Family Studies, Family & Consumer Science Education, Career & Technical Education
Caelin Scott (859) 622-1139 Majors: Online Child & Family Studies

College of Health Sciences

Anna Dixon (859) 622-1683 Majors: Bachelor Nursing, Environmental Health Science, Health Services Administration, Medical/Clinical Laboratory Science, Public Health/Community Health
Christy Cole (859) 622-1139 Associate Nursing, Athletic Training, General Studies, Physical Education, Public Health/School Health, Recreation/Park Admin., Sport Management

College of Justice, Safety, and Military Science

Aaron Raider (859) 622-6845 Manager: All On Campus Programs
Colby Foley (859) 622-1976 Primary Contact: All On Campus Programs
Patti Matthews (859) 622-7314 Backup: All On Campus Programs
Lou Martin (859) 622-1150 Majors: Online Police Studies, Online CERTU Youth Services, Online Corrections, Online CERTU Correctional Intervention Strategies, Online Criminal Justice
Lindsay Greenwell (859) 622-7926 Majors: Online Homeland Security, Online CERTU Intelligence Studies, Online CERTU Disaster Mgt., Online CERTU Security Mgt., CERTU Homeland Security
Chris Adkins (859) 622-7568 Majors: Online Paramedicine, Online Emergency Medical Care
Christy Templeton (859) 622-5874 Majors: Online Firs/Arson Explosion Inv, Online Fire Protection Admin, Online Fire Protection Engine Tech
Tanya Ritter (859) 622-2381 Major: Online Occupational Safety
Lauren Seaman (859) 622-9951 Major: Online General Studies

College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

Benjamin Cook (859) 622-6688 Majors: Appalachian Studies, Art, Asian Studies, Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Communication Studies, Comparative Humanities, Communication, English, General Studies, History, Music, Philosophy, Public Relations, Social Work, Theatre Arts
Megan Estes (859) 622-1398 Majors: Animal Studies, Anthropology, Globalization, Languages, Paralegal Science, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Veteran Studies

College of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

Mollie Cotterell (859) 622-1586 Majors: A-K
Jessica Hawksley (859) 622-1407 Majors: L-Z

Graduate School

Holly Argo (859) 622-1745 All Majors



Degree Conferral Date

The Board of Regents of Eastern Kentucky University has degree conferral dates three times per year. These conferral dates represent confirmation that all degree and/or certificate requirements have been met. The formal conferral date is posted to the student’s academic transcript and is the date printed on the diploma and/or university certificate. Below are the EKU degree/certificate conferral dates:

Fall A (end of first 8 weeks) – October: Last Day of Fall A Term

Fall (end of full semester) – December: Last Day of Full Semester

Winter – January: Last Day of Term

Spring A (end of first 8 weeks) – March: Last Day of Spring A Term

Spring (end of full semester) – May: Last Day of Full Semester

Summer A (end of first 6 weeks) – July: Last Day of Summer A Term

Summer (end of full semester) – August: Last Day of Full Semester

Diplomas and University Certificates

All graduates of the University will receive a diploma for each degree earned. Only one diploma per degree, per student will be provided. The current size for all associate, bachelors, masters, and specialist diplomas is 8.5 x 11 inches. Doctoral diplomas are 11 x 14 inches. Diplomas and University Certificates are produced by a contracted vendor and are mailed to students after confirmation of degree completion. The graduation confirmation process takes several weeks to complete. Therefore, students should expect to receive their diploma 6-8 weeks after their degree conferral date. Note the dates above.

Receiving Your Original Diploma After Graduation

Diplomas will be mailed to those who completed degree requirements 4-6 weeks after their degree conferral date. Note the dates above.

Withholding Diplomas and Graduating Transcripts

Students who have outstanding obligations to the university at the time of diploma production will have their diploma and complimentary transcript held.  Diplomas and official transcripts will be released only when all financial obligations to the University are resolved. Students must contact Big E Central or email to initiate the diploma and transcript being mailed. The diploma and transcript are not mailed automatically when the hold is released.

Diploma Address

Diplomas are mailed to the address provided on the graduation application.¬† If the address changes before the diploma is mailed, the student must notify the Registrar’s office or contact their college graduation expert to provide a new diploma mailing address.¬† Students may also utilize¬†this form¬†to update their diploma address.¬† The diploma address is separate from the permanent address and changing one does not update the other.¬† The Registrar’s office is not responsible for diplomas lost or not returned due to an insufficient address or if the student has moved and not left a forwarding address.¬† If the diploma is not received by the student and does not return back to the Registrar’s office in good condition, the student is responsible for ordering a duplicate copy of the diploma.¬†Please check the diploma address you submitted on your graduation application in MyEKU and update your Diploma Address before leaving the University.

Diplomas are mailed using standard postal delivery.  Once the diploma is mailed by the diploma vendor, typical delivery time within the United States is 7-10 business days.  Diplomas mailed to international addresses do take 3-4 weeks longer to be received.

Diploma Name

Variations of a graduate’s official name may be printed on a diploma. Variations of a name must be requested when submitting a Graduation Application. Acceptable variations are listed below:

  • Middle names may be complete, initialed, or omitted, but must match the student record.¬† (e.g., John Quincy Adams, John Q. Adams, or John Adams).
  • Suffixes such as Sr., Jr., III, etc., may be used
  • Maternal surnames may be included in place of or in addition to a legal middle name (e.g., Jane Marie Smith, Jane Doe Smith, Jane Marie Doe Smith)
  • Hyphenated maiden-married last names may be used, provided the student’s records have documentation to verify the names. A¬†Personal Information Change Form¬†accompanied by a Certificate of Marriage will be required if a name change has not been processed since the marriage. In all cases, verification will be based on information that is in the student’s record and not provided verbally.
  • Special accent marks may be requested and recognized linguistic marks will be placed on the diploma, if possible.

The following variations are not acceptable:

  • No¬†nicknames or names enclosed by parenthesis or quotation marks will be included as the diploma name
  • No¬†prefix or suffix relating to a title or credential is allowed (e.g., Dr., DMD, Esq., Mrs., Mr., etc.).

Duplicate Diplomas

If you wish to order an additional copy of your diploma, you may do so for a $35.00 charge per associate, bachelors, masters, or specialist diploma ordered. Duplicates of doctoral diplomas can be ordered for a charge of $50.00. There is no charge for a diploma when it is first issued.  Duplicate diplomas bear the signatures of current University officials.

Diplomas may be ordered through the Registrar’s Office. Completed the Request for Replacement or Duplicate Diploma Form, fill in the requested information. Please allow 3-6 weeks for processing and printing duplicate diplomas.

Students who have outstanding obligations to the university at the time of ordering their duplicate diploma will not be printed and refunded for the charge.

Information about apostille diplomas is available on the apostille page. Please click on the link above to be directed to the apostille page.

Apostille Documents

Apostille (Diploma/Transcript Authentication)*

EKU graduates who plan to work or further their education abroad may need to authenticate their degree(s) and transcripts. This process is often referred to as an Apostille, which is the verification and legalization of a document for international use under the terms of the Hague Convention.**

To order an Apostille document, please include the following items in addition to the completed duplicate diploma or transcript request form:

  • $5.00 check or money order – issued to the ‚ÄúMadison County Clerk‚ÄĚ
  • Completed¬†Kentucky State Apostille Authentication Form
  • $5.00 check or money order – issued to the ‚ÄúKentucky Secretary of State‚ÄĚ

An apostille request includes the following steps:

  • Submitting a¬†duplicate diploma¬†and/or¬†official transcript
  • Document is verified as authentic and notarized
  • Authentication of the notary with the county clerk‚Äôs office
  • Submission of these documents to the Kentucky Secretary of State
  • The documents will then be mailed back to you, directly from the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office

Please allow additional time for processing and receipt of apostille diplomas and transcripts due to the additional requirements.

*It is imperative that you verify the specific documents and authentication required by the receiving country. More information regarding authentication of American academic credentials for use abroad is available at the U.S. Department of State website .

**For those countries that do not recognize the Hague Convention or that do not accept the apostille, the U.S. Department of State has an Office of Authentications which can provide a federal authentication. Please note: if federal authentication is required, you must be sure to request the documents be returned to you, in order for you to complete the process.

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