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Teaching and Recreation Areas


The Division of Natural Areas manages three EKU properties including Lilley Cornett Woods Appalachian Ecological Research Station, Maywoods Environmental and Educational Laboratory, and Taylor Fork Ecological Area. These outdoor areas are available to University groups, school groups and the general public for environmental research, education, and recreation.

Lilley Cornett Woods Maywoods Taylor Fork



The Science Building provides state-of-the-art laboratory and instructional spaces well-suited for engaged and transformative learning and cutting-edge research.

Science Building Science Building Lab in the Science Building



The EKU Astronomy Deck provides research opportunities for Faculty and Students, as well as astronomical viewing for the general public at open house events. 

EKU Telescope Deck hosts viewing for the general public. Telescopes on telescope deck Solar Eclipse



Meadowbrook Farm was established by EKU in 1974 for the purpose of providing practical experience for the students studying agriculture or related subjects while serving as a learning resource for the general agriculture community. The farm consists of 720 acrea of gently rolling land suitable for various livestock and crop enterprises.

The Farm is a teaching laboratory that supports academic programs within the EKU Department of Agriculture and also provides outreach to the community. Students and visitors have a unique opportunity for hands-on experiences and to observe practical applications of agricultural practices. Whether you are an individual, a prospective student, or associated with a group, stop by and see what EKU Farms has to offer.

Robotic Milker Students standing in corn field Meadowbrook Farm Buildings



Eastern Kentucky University’s crime scene house is a facility that allows students in the forensic science program to gain hands-on experience by utilizing detailed mock crime scenes. The crime scene house allows students to participate in the collection and analysis of evidence to gain a better understanding of their future career. 

EKU Crime Scene House EKU Crime Scene House Crime Tape EKU Crime Scene House Students



Located just 15 minutes south of campus, the Central Kentucky Regional Airport is the home of EKU's flight training operations. Since 2011, EKU has also served as the airport's Fixed Base Operator (FBO), which provides students with a variety of advantages over other programs including reduced operating costs, dedicated facilities, and employment opportunities.

The airport features a 5,000 ft. runway, medium intensity lighting system, ample parking areas, and dedicated fuel services, and onsite aircraft maintenance. With more than 100 operations for day, the majority of which are EKU Aviation aircraft, the Central Kentucky Regional Airport is among the busiest and fastest growing airports in the state.

Flying Colonels Overhead view of the airport EKU Plane Tail Wing



The Arnim D. Hummel Planetarium, located next to the Perkins Building, can simulate the night sky using a star ball that measures on meter in diameter.  It is capable of projecting over 10,000 stars. The planetarium hosts shows for EKU students as well as shows for the general public.  With a wide variety of shows which can be presented, students get a one-of-a-kind astronomical experience.

Hummel Planetarium during show Hummel Planetarium Hummel Planetarium Stars



The Digital Forensics Laboratory at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is a first-of-its-kind digital forensics lab that acts as a satellite to the Kentucky State Police's (KSP) Electronic Crime Branch in Frankfort, Kentucky. The partnership between the KSP and EKU allows for students who are interested in digital forensics to work with a sergeant and two full-time computer forensic examiners from the KSP to provide them with a unique learning experience.

KSP Digital Forensics Lab Computer with KSP Logo Workspace in the KSP Digital Forensics Lab