Spring #CampusBeautiful

After an icy winter, the signs of spring are certainly welcome – colorful flowers in bloom, trees filled with blossoms and students enjoying sunny days in the Ravine. Fulfilling its name, the #CampusBeautiful puts on a gorgeous show with its pristine landscaping each changing season.

Enjoy the spring scenes of EKU’s campus captured by Staff Photographer Carsen Bryant and Student Photographers Julia Hickey and Allie Barger.

Burnham building surrounded by trees in bloom. Students on ground using chalk.


Student sitting in hammock using laptop surround by blooming trees.


Two tulips opened in sunlight. Keen Johnson and Daniel Boone in the background.


Looking up at Keen Johnson with sun behind it. Bright colored flowers in bloom in front of building.


Students walking in front of Case Dining Hall. New Science building in distance background.


Student walking downstairs next to Case Dining Hall. Trees in bloom next to stairs.


Jones building enterance. Large tree blooming next to Jones sign.


Student laying in orange hammock writing in a notebook in the Ravine.


Side of Foster building with large tree in bloom with pink buds.


Eastern Kentucky University water tower with power E logo peaking through tree branches.


Student walking on a tight rope tyed to trees in Ravine.


Burnham Hall enterance with pink buds on trees surrounding enterance lettering.


Red cardinal sitting in a tree with purple blooms on branches.


Two students closely walking towards Case Dining Hall. Trees in bloom along path.


Flags waving in the air above fire and safety memorial. Perkins, Business and technology, and Keen Hall in background.


Bush with large white and green buds in front of Crabbe LIbrary.


Student sitting on bench in Ravine studying surrounded by green grass and white blooms on plants.


Top of Keen Johnson framed by trees in bloom.