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T-Pain in Concert at EKU

It started with anticipation: Who was coming to EKU for the November concert? In September, Jenna Grace Smith, SGA president, revealed the artist to the EKU community: T-Pain! Students were invited to an exclusive concert, as part of the Exceptional Eastern Experience. Free ticket reservations quickly sold out, and the night of the concert finally arrived, November 13, 2021. EKU Center for the Arts filled with excitement for T-Pain’s performance, and a livestream of the concert was available in the parking lot for the entire EKU community.

A group of excited students with glowsticks pose together

A group of students exciting for the concert pose for the camera

Two students pose and smile outside the concert venue before the show

People queued for the T-Pain concert outside of the Center for the Arts

Concert attendees queued outside of the Center for the Arts before the show

Cheesesteak food truck with line at night

T-Pain performs on a stage aglow with purple and blue stage lights

T-Pain performs on a stage aglow with red stage lights

Concert crowd illuminated by blue stage light

Concert crowd with glowsticks illuminated by pink stage lighting

T-Pain performs wearing aviator sunglasses, a purple shirt, and green jacket

T-Pain points to the audience during the performance

T-Pain performs on stage surrounded by red stage lighting

Concert attendee smiles while recording the performance with a smartphone

Aerial shot of concert crowd with raised arms

Purple stage lighting beam across the concert crowd

T-Pain performs on stage

T-Pain performs on stage surrounded by multicolor stage lighting

T-Pain performs on stage illuminated by red and purple stage lighting