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2022 All “A” Classic Tournament at EKU

Last week, the All “A” Classic tournament returned to Eastern Kentucky University’s campus, with 32 high school basketball teams going head to head for the championship. Teams from across Kentucky converged at EKU to compete in the statewide tournament. Congratulations to Owen County girls’ basketball and Pikeville boys’ basketball for their hard-earned championship wins.

Scenes from the All “A” Classic were captured by Staff Photographer Carsen Bryant, Outreach and Engagement Coordinator Alex Simon, student photographer Julia Hickey, and Regional Stewardship student interns and staff.

A cheederleader smiles with green and white pom-poms

Girls' basketball player holds ball with head down, preparing for free throw

Cheerleaders wearing red, white, and blue clapping hands

A girls basketball team listen to coach on the sideline

Girls basketball players around hoop in play

Team huddle on the court

Girls basketball team makes shot in hoop

Girls basketball player blocks another looking to pass basketball

Girls basketball players support a teammate on the court

Basketball player mid-lay-up

Basketball players looks to the backboard during a play

Boys basketball players huddle

Boys basketball player throws a free shoot

Boys basketball player flanked by opponents mid-shot

Girls basketball teammates coordinate on the court

Basketball players blocks another player from scoring

Basketball players jump for the ball in mid-air

Basketball players during a play beneath hoop

Basketball team celebrates a win

Basketball player leaps toward hoop above players

A figure wearing a gray shirt holding large bronze trophy of basketball

Basketball players leap toward hoop during game

Basketball player holds ball during free throw

Basketball player making jumping shot beneath rim

Girls basketball team pose together after winning tournament

Boys basketball player cuts net after team win

Girls basketball team making play during game near rim

Boys basketball player poses with EKU President Dr. David T. McFaddin

EKU President Dr. David T. McFaddin speaks at tournament

Winning boys basketball team pose together with bronze basketball trophy on court