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Big E Welcome

Welcome Colonels! At this year's #BigEWelcome, we greeted the Class of 2026 with a bigger celebration than ever. Students enjoyed Big E Bash, featuring a free concert in the Ravine with Waka Flocka Flame, and our EKU traditions, such as the Welcome Walk, Powell Palooza, President’s Party and Big E Class photo. We have had such a great kick off to the semester, and the fun is just getting started. We are so excited for what this semester has in store for students and love the energy they have brought to campus. Keep it up, Colonels!

Check out the festivities at Big E Welcome with these photos taken by Photographers Carsen Bryant and Ben Keeling.

EKU cheerleaders with megaphones in Welcome Walk parade

Students wearing EKU branded clothing laugh at the Welcome Walk event

The Welcome Walk marching band passing beneath sky bridge

New students in maroon EKU shirts at Welcome Walk event

President McFaddin and staff wearing maroon EKU polo at Welcome Walk

Students in Greek Life shirts singing on stage

Students rollerskating at neon-lit rink

Student wearing EKU shirt attempts to cross obstacle course of large inflated orbs

Performances on stage during Powell Palooza event

Students competing on inflatable obstacle course

Students in EKU shirts rollerskating at rink

Smiling students pose by poster for Student Dietetics Association

Aerial view of information booths at event

Two students, laughing, sitting on flat carts being pushed by two other students

Large group of students pose together outside of the College of Justice & Safety building

Students engage in conversation at a information table at the College Open House event

Three students pose before a EKU College of Health Sciences photobooth background with balloons

A student looks at a cockroach insect crawling on their hand during information event

Aerial view of new students forming the EKU 'E' shape on football field

A group of four students wearing EKU shirts smiling

Three students laugh as they near the end of a slide

A student smiles while being handed a pink cotton candy treat

A large crowd of students with lit cellphones stand before an EKU banner at dusk

Waka Flocka Flame performs of a stage lit in purple and blue light

Students with raised hands enjoying concert

Side stage view of Waka Flocka Flame performance

A student smiles while watching performance behind an EKU branded barrier

Waka Flocka Flame with hand raised and index finger pointed upwards during performance

Students record Waka Flaka Flame by EKU crowd barrier

Waka Flaka Flame performs with mic held close in blue stage lighting

Behind Waka Flaka Flame with hand raised to a crowd of students holding up cellphones behind an EKU barrier

The silhouettes of students looking toward a brightly lit stage

Waka Flaka Flame poses with students in the crowd during the concert

A group of students pose with Waka Flaka Flame holding a pink poster that reads 'Can I sing No Hands?'

President McFaddin addresses audience outdoors at podium

Students sitting on lawn during event, smiling and in conversation

Blond woman addresses the outdoor audience at podium

Two students standing and clapping hands

A student with raised hands excitedly plays in inflatable obstacle course

Student rides a mechanical bull during event