• EKU Web10 - March 2009
  • 521 Lancaster Avenue
  • Eastern Kentucky University
  • Richmond, KY 40475
  • Phone: 859-622-1000

Web10 Template FAQ

  • How do I add text and a link to the side menu?

    To add text or links to the side menu for a site open inc/menu.php. This file contains the code for the side menu. In this file you will find two unordered lists. Add or Edit these lists to add items to the side menu. Make sure the content you add will fit within the width of the side menu(170 pixels).

  • How do I add text and a link to the horizontal menu?

    The code for the horizontal menu is located in inc/header.php. Just add or remove links as need in the div labeled 'horzMenuBar'. Make sure that the links fit within the space requirements of the area(approx 900px width).

  • How do I change the title text of a page?

    At the top of each individual php page are two variables. $page_title is a string variable containing the title text for each individual page. Edit the $page_title variable to change the page title.

  • How do I change the marquee image on a site?

    To change to page title we will need to edit header.php and local.css. First make sure the new image is exactly 900 pixels wide. An image that is not 900 pixels wide will cause display problems. Copy this image into the img folder or another subfolder.

    Next open header.php. Around line 24 you will find the image labeled 'subMarquee'. Change the src string of this image to point to the new image.

    Now open your site/page in a browser to test the image for horizontal/vertical alignment problems. You will probably need to change the alignment of the image. To do this open local.css. The very first css style is for '#header #subMarquee'. Change the left margin and top margin in this style to reposition the marquee image.

  • How do I create a unique menu for a subsite or subpage?

    There are a couple of different options in this case. The first option is to make a completely new site in the subfolder following the New Site Instructions.

    The second option is to make a copy of the menu.php in the /inc/ file. Change the name of duplicate file(ex. subMenu.php) and edit as needed to create the new menu. Next open the subsite or subpage. Around line 29 is the side menu code. In this code is a php include statement that points to inc/menu.php. Change this include statement to point to the new menu(inc/subMenu.php).

  • How do I make the side menu go away?

    We are currently working on updating the template to allow this option.

  • How do I use CSS to modify the appearance of an item in the side or horizontal menus? (Or anywhere!)?

    To apply css styles to your pages just add css styles to the local.css file located in the /inc folder.

  • When should I use local.css and when should I use inline CSS to modify appearances?

    Best practice is to always use external styles over inline styles.