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Campus and Building Accessibility

Send information on blocked physical access, computer lab software suggestions, website inaccessibility, broken elevators, and any other complaints or requests to the ADA Accessibility Committee. Contact the Chair.

Emergency Plans

Emergency Notifications

Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Text Messaging System

The text message service is offered to members of the University Community on a purely voluntary basis. In order to receive these notifications, you must have a mobile device that can receive text messages and a service plan with your provider that enables you to receive messages. Any costs associated with receiving text messages from your provider will be your responsibility.  It is recommended that your cell phone be configured to alert you to incoming text messages either by tone or vibration.

If you decide to opt-in, there is no guarantee of delivery, since the demands on local cell towers are outside the University’s control. In the event of an actual emergency, thousands of text messages will be sent. Congestion at your service provider may delay or prevent the delivery of these messages.

If you need to report an emergency situation, please contact 911 or EKU Police.

Please follow these steps in order to sign up for the service:

  • From the EKU homepage, click on “EKU Direct” and then log in.
  • At the top of EKU Direct main menu page, click on “Opt-In for Emergency Text Messaging.”
  • From there, you will be directed to enter your cell-phone number, select your service provider and either opt-in or opt-out. Once done, click “Submit” and you are registered!


Online parking registration (not available for Handicapped Parking Decal)

Accessible Parking Procedures

For general information about parking, go to EKU’s parking website.

Employee parking along Park Drive has been removed to facilitate the installation of bicycle lanes. In order to offset the loss of employee parking in this area, the Powell East parking lot is being rezoned from residential to employee parking. Tennis courts next to the Alumni Coliseum are being converted to a residential parking lot to accommodate approximately sixty residential parking spaces.

Additional short term metered parking has been added to the Mattox parking lot. These meters will have a maximum time limit of 30 minutes and will be enforced at all times, 24/7.

Richmond Campus: Instructions for Obtaining a Handicapped Parking Decal

Eastern Kentucky University offers special handicapped parking decals to eligible persons with disabilities. The parking request form shall be completed by BOTH the individual and an attending physician and turned into the Transportation Office. Temporary decals may be issued by Transportation Personnel for one week while the applicant completes the process. A campus accessibility map may also be obtained at the Parking offices as well as the information center in the Powell Building.

Parking and Transportation Office
Mattox Hall, Suite A
Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:30 am – 5 pm
Tuesday 7:30 am – 6 pm, Friday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm


To apply for a handicapped-parking decal, please read and follow the instructions.


  1. Obtain a “handicapped parking request form” from one of these locations;
    1. Parking and Transportation Office (address above).
    2. The Office of Services for Individuals with Disabilities
  2. Hand carry, fax or mail the form to the physician who is treating you for the disorder, condition or impairment of which you are requesting handicapped parking and request that the form be completed.
  3. Hand carry, fax or mail the completed handicapped parking request form to the EKU Parking and Transportation Office.
    1. The approval process takes from one to two weeks. While you are waiting for a decision, you may request a temporary permit for handicapped parking. Forms may be faxed to : 859-622-2243      .
    2. The cost of permits will be billed to your account and are equivalent to all other student /employee permits fee.


The shuttle schedule is available on the EKU Parking website.

The evening shuttle will pick you up from any point on campus and take you to any point on campus. The evening shuttle service runs from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am Sunday through Thursday. The evening shuttle does not run on Friday or Saturday, or on Sunday when there is a holiday on Monday. You can request the evening shuttle by calling 622-2821, using the call boxes, or the telephones located at the entrance to certain parking lots and in the lobby of the Stratton Building. If you are calling from a residence hall, you must call from the lobby.

If the shuttle is not running and you do not wish to walk across campus alone, you can request an escort. The EKU Police Department will send a person in uniform to walk with you from any point on campus to any point on campus.

Kentucky River Foothills Express


521 Lancaster Ave.
Whitlock Building, Room 361, CPO 66
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-2933
Fax: 859-622-6794

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