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Student Organizations

Student Organizations play a large role in developing as a student and as a professional artist. At EKU we offer a variety of student organizations where you can socialize, help the community, and prepare for your professional life as an artist/master craftsperson.

The Art Student Association (ASA)

Collage of two images, Art Student Association members on field trips.

Are you interested in:

  • Organizing and participating in social events?
  • Raising funds for the organization, the department or the community?
  • Organizing trips to art exhibits, museums, or to participate in professional activities?
  • Contributing to the sense of community within the Department?
  • Serving as a member of the Student Advisory Council in order to bring the student concerns and needs to the administration?

As a member of the Art Student Association, you can participate in all of these great things! If you are interested in becoming a member, contact Melissa Vandenberg.

Graphic Design Association (GDA)

Collage of two images, both of Graphic Design Association standing in groups at the front of classrooms.

GDA is a EKU student organization comprised of graphic design majors and enthusiasts. The goal of GDA is to create opportunities for EKU students that are interested in exploring design and meeting new friends. We aim to create a safe space that is rich in value, knowledge, opportunities and fun.

  • Professional Dinners
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Guest Speakers
  • Art and Design Sales
  • AIGA events
  • Ad Club events

If you are interested in becoming a member, contact Shannon McCarthy.

Art Education Student Association (AESA)

Collage of three images, each an Art Education Student Association Event.

As an active member of the AESA, you:

  • Have the opportunity to attend State (Kentucky Art Education Association) and national (National Art Education Association) conventions.
  • Participate in creating a stronger campus community.
  • Participate in fundraising opportunities such as bake sale and art sales.
  • Use your talents to enrich the lives of others by working at the Ronald McDonald House.
  • Put a smile on a child’s face by painting faces at local art fairs.
  • Become an advocate for the arts locally, state-wide, and nationally.
  • Play a role in preserving the arts in our schools.

If you would like to join AESA, contact Illona Szekely.

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