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Eastern Kentucky University

College of Health Sciences

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College of Health Sciences

Our college is where health, wellness, and education meet. Students in CHS learn to meet the challenges of the world and help others at all stages of the life cycle, and the College is growing fast! We are a strong practice college with significant depth and breadth of faculty in all of our disciplines. We graduate students ready to take on tomorrow’s health, wellness, and human services needs in a rapidly changing environment.

Step forward with us into an evolving and exciting new world of health and wellness by supporting some of the best programs in the country for improving the vitality of our communities, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the world.

Student Support

Academic Scholarships

Many of our students experience financial hardship striving to balance a practice intensive curriculum, personal responsibilities, and the requirements to become professionals in their field of study. Many are from an economically depressed region, are first-generation college students, or have families to support while completing their education. Some work multiple jobs while having internships and required field work, making scholarship opportunities a critical resource.

Student Research Support

As part of their coursework, students conduct research and present at public events, academic conferences, and regional and national summits in their fields. Gifts for student research make life changing opportunities possible, such as gaining new techniques, knowledge, important vocational skills, and professional networking. Travel awards for research make these opportunities feasible for students, allowing them to learn from industry leaders.

Study Abroad / Travel Opportunities

Study Abroad and other educational travel opportunities provide life changing experiences for students. For example, as part of class experience, Exercise and Sport Science students travel to the Super Bowl, Recreation and Park Administration students participate in tourism activities, and Environmental Health Sciences students study water quality in Jamaica.

Student Internships

Internships enrich students’ education by providing them with opportunities to be mentored and to gain valuable hands-on work experience. Most of these experiences are unpaid. Funding for internship stipends will enable the students to gain invaluable professional experience without adding additional financial hardship.

College of Health Sciences

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