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Course Abbreviations

ACC Accounting
ADM Apparel Design and Merchandising
AED Art Education
AEM Applied Engineering Management
AFA African/African-American Studies
AFS Aerospace Studies
AGR Agriculture
ANS Animal Studies
ANT Anthropology
APP Appalachian Studies
APS Assets Protection
ARH Art History
ASL American Sign Language
ASO Arts and Sciences Orientation
AST Astronomy
ATR Athletic Training
AVN Aviation
BEM Broadcasting and Electronic Media
BIO Biology
BTO Business and Technology Orientation
BTS Business and Technology Seminar
CCT Corporate Communication and Technology
CDF Child and Family Studies
CDS Communication Disorders and Sciences
CHE Chemistry
CHS Health Sciences Interdisciplinary
CIS Computer Information Systems
CLS Clinical Laboratory Science
CLT Clinical Laboratory Technology
CMS Communication Studies
CNM Arts and Science Interdisciplinary
COM Communications
CON Construction Management
COR Correctional and Juvenile Studies
COU Counselor Education
CRJ Criminal Justice
CSC Computer Science
CTE Career and Technical Education
DES Design
EAD Educational Administration
ECO Economics
EDC Educational Core
EDF Educational Studies
EDL ED Leadership and Policy Studies
EDO Academic Orientation
EET Electricity/Electronic Technology
EGC Education Grad Cert
EHS Environmental Health Sciences
ELE Elementary Education
EMC Emergency Medical Care
EME Elementary/Middle Grade
EMG Middle Grade Education
EMS Elementary/Middle Grade/Secondary Education
ENG English and Theatre
ENR Learning Skills
ENW English Creative Writing
EPY Educational Psychology
ESE Secondary Education
ETL Education-Teacher Leader
FCC Foreign Culture and Civilization
FCS Family and Consumer Sciences
FIN Finance
FLS Foreign Language Studies
FOR Forensic Science
FRE French
FRM Family Resource Management
FSE Fire and Safety Engineering Technology
GBU General Business
GCM Graphic Communications Management
GCS Interpersonal Skills/Career Counseling
GEO Geography
GER German
GLY Geology
GSD Student Development
GSO Orientation for Undeclared Students
Grad Degree Exit Requirement N/A
HEA Health Education
HIS History
HLS Homeland Security
HON Honors Program
HSA Health Service Administration
HSO Health Services Orientation
HUM Humanities
INS Insurance
ITP Interpreter Training
JOU Journalism
JPN Japanese
JSO Justice and Safety Orientation
LAS Paralegal
LAT Latin
LIB Library Science
MAE Mathematics Education
MAT Mathematics
MGT Management
MKT Marketing
MPH Public Health
MSL Military Science and Leadership
MUH Music History
MUS Music
NAT Natural Science
NET Networking
NFA Nutrition/Foods/Food Administration
NUR Associate Nursing
Nursing N/A
OHO Ornamental Horticulture
OSH Occupational Safety
OTS Occupational Therapy
PHE Physical Education
PHI Philosophy
PHY Physics
PLI Prof Liability Insurance
PLS Police Studies
POL Political Science
PSY Psychology
PUB Public Relations
QMB Quantitative Methods
REC Recreation/Park Administration
REL Religion
SED Special Education
SOC Sociology
SPA Spanish
SSE Safety, Security and Emg Mgt
STA Statistics
SWK Social Work
TEC Technology, General
THE Theatre Arts
TRS Traffic Safety
VTS Veterans Studies
WGS Women and Gender Studies

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