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Mental Health Services

See our How to Make an Appointment page for more information about setting up your first meeting and beginning services.

The EKU Counseling Center (EKUCC) provides confidential psychotherapy and other psychological services for currently enrolled EKU students. EKUCC also provides psychoeducational events and programs to increase mental health awareness within the EKU community through prevention, education, and stigma reduction (see Community and Other Referrals). It is of utmost importance to EKUCC to provide mental health services in a welcoming, comfortable, and multi-culturally sensitive environment for all in the EKU community.

To connect with EKUCC services, call 859-622-1303, or stop by the office at Room 571 Whitlock Building to schedule an initial assessment during office hours. Our office hours are posted online. EKUCC services are available to currently enrolled EKU students and (during the Summer) students enrolled in Summer sessions or students attended EKU in the previous Spring semester and who are also enrolled for the subsequent Fall semester.

EKUCC offers after hours mental health support and crisis services to an EKU student or any person concerned about an EKU student. To access EKUCC After Hours Urgent Support, please call 859-622-1303. This 24/7 mental health support service is available weekends, evenings, holidays, and during university closures. The after hours support and crisis line augments the existing full spectrum of clinical services provided at the EKU Counseling Center and extends the reach to more students, at critical times after hours when they may need the services. When appropriate, EKUCC staff will follow up with the caller on the university’s next business day.

For more information about crisis and other mental health services available to students, see Crisis Services.

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Counseling Center

521 Lancaster Avenue
CPO 52, Whitlock Building Room #571
Richmond, KY 40475-3152
Phone: 859-622-1303

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