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An image of 3 Jelly Bucket issues.

Jelly Bucket [jel-ee buhk-it]-noun

  1. Archaic slang for a lunch pail, formerly used by coal miners and other laborers residing in Appalachia.
  2. Bluegrass Writers Studio’s annual graduate-student-produced
    literary journal.

Contact Jelly Bucket

Drop us a line via email! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about how to submit to our annually produced journal.

Preview cover art and selected works in each genre for each journal:

Issue #1 | Issue #2 | Issue #3 | Issue #4 | Issue #5 |  | Issue #7 | Issue #9 | Issue #10

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To order online, visit our store. Back issues are also available.

Current Issue – $12.00 per copy (additional copies $10 each)

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2-year Subscription — $20  (starts with next year’s issue)

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