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A recent LinkedIn blog post asked, “On average, how many meetings do you attend per week? What is the typical duration of [your] meetings?” The colorful responses highlighted how many people feel about meetings, but the average was about ten meetings per week. For meeting duration, our favorite response was “too long.”

Most top managers spend half their time in meetings, according to the Clynes Group in Meetings that Work. And many surveys point to the common belief that most of these meetings are unproductive and unnecessary.

However, as facilitation professionals, we know meetings CAN BE productive, efficient, valuable, and ENJOYABLE. That’s right – enjoyable. Our professional staff thrive on collaborating with clients to facilitate meetings in safe, enjoyable environments that produce clear outcomes and get things done in an agreed-upon timeframe.

  • Building relationships so teams work together more effectively
  • Defining action and responsibilities
  • Facilitating a meeting so the organizer can be involved as a participant
  • Facilitating constructive discussion
  • Generating creative new ideas and solutions
  • Making forward progress on subjects that have been historically stalled
  • Providing a neutral person to guide the process
  • Producing group recommendations for problems or challenges that seem insurmountable
  • Reaching consensus on controversial issues or “HOT” topics
  • Professional consultation to clearly define the meeting’s purpose and outcomes
  • Well-designed, effective, and efficient meeting plan and agenda
  • Lead the facilitated process
  • Respect for all ideas
  • Keep participants on task and meetings on time
  • Create a safe, enjoyable atmosphere that encourages creativity and participation
  • Respectfully ask pertinent questions, including the uncomfortable ones
  • Control diversions
  • Accurately report ideas and decisions generated by the group

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