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Closing Unsuccessful Search Emergency Hire

If a candidate declines or rescinds acceptance of an offer, the Search Committee may recommend another finalist while candidacy remains open in OES. Otherwise, the Search Committee Chair and the Department Chair will follow the process to close the search in OES.

Unsuccessful Searches

In the event of an unsuccessful search, the Dean will notify the Provost. The Department Chair may re-initiate the search, as approved, by re-posting the search in OES and proceeding with the search process. The approved request to post the position remains in effect for two years from the date of approval.

Emergency Hires

When urgent faculty coverage is needed, an emergency request to hire a faculty member may be considered. Typically, such a request would be to hire a visiting faculty member. Requests to proceed with an emergency search must be approved by the Dean and the Provost and will usually follow the standard search process. In rare cases, a Request for Exemption from a Search may be considered when a qualified potential visiting faculty member has already been identified.

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