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Faculty Activation and Records

With the hire finalized and the Terms of Faculty Appointment fully executed, the new faculty member can be activated in Banner and a faculty file can be established.

Activating Faculty Members in Banner

The College Designee activates the faculty member in Banner screen SIAINST so classes can be assigned to the new employee. To activate or change a faculty member’s information in SIAINST, look up the faculty member by EKU ID, input or search for the correct term code, and select “Go.”

For New Faculty

  1. Select the appropriate Status code (typically AC for Active Faculty).
  2. The Status Date will automatically populate to today’s date.
  3. Ensure that Faculty is checked.
  4. Fill in the Appointment Date, as identified on the Terms of Appointment.
  5. Select the appropriate Category for the faculty member’s rank or title. You can access the category codes by clicking on the three dots next to the field.
  6. Select the appropriate Staff Type.  FT is Full Time; PT is Part Time.
  7. Select the appropriate Workload Rule, based on the home college and full- or part-time status, using the three dots next to the field to access the available codes.
  8. SAVE and click Next Section at the bottom left hand of the Banner screen.
  9. On the Faculty Contract line, select the appropriate Faculty Contract Type and Rule codes using the three dots next to their respective fields to access the available codes.
  10. Click Next Section at the bottom left hand of the Banner screen.
  11. On the Faculty College and Department line, select the appropriate College and Department codes using the three dots next to their respective fields to access the available codes.
  12. SAVE and exit the screen.

For Current Faculty

When current faculty are hired into a new position or there are changes to their faculty status, updates should be made in Banner screen SIAINST. When the College Designee enters the faculty member’s EKU ID and the term code that reflects the effective term for changes, the search will return the most recent record for the faculty member (as indicated by the term code in the From Term field). To update the record beginning with the effective term, click Maintenance. Complete all updates to the faculty member’s record, including changes to the Faculty Contract line and the Faculty College and Department line, as outlined above.

Faculty Records

The College is recognized as the home of the official faculty record for all full-and part-time faculty. Upon completion of the hire, the College Designee will begin a file on the faculty member that includes:

  1. Signed employment offers.
  2. Updated CVs, due to the college by September 15 and February 15, annually.
  3. Recognitions, awards, commendations, etc.
  4. Signed copies of annual evaluations.
  5. Sabbatical leave approval documents.
  6. Signed copies of Promotion and Tenure evaluations.
  7. Personnel Action Forms (PAFs), payroll adjustments, additional assignments, outside employment forms, faculty-authored textbooks, etc.
  8. Formal student feedback/resolutions and any conduct documents.
  9. Any position descriptions.

For further information regarding Banner SIAINST, access to the Banner SIAINST screen, or faculty records, please contact the Provost’s Office.

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