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Advertising a Faculty Position

Inclusion and excellence are central to EKU’s mission and fundamental best practices for faculty recruitment– which start with advertising. In developing a draft faculty posting advertisement and an advertising plan, the Department Chair should consider:

  • Advertising plans must include strategies for recruiting diverse applicants.
  • Faculty searches must be national. Advertise and recruit as appropriate.
  • Advertisements (and postings) must include appropriate language related to the availability of VISA sponsorship.

Draft faculty posting advertisements and advertising plans are submitted to the Associate Provost for Academic Programs and to the college’s Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) for review and approval. For positions that are eligible for VISA sponsorship, the HRBP responsible for Immigration will also review draft advertisements. The HRBP provides notification to the Office of Institutional Equity and communicates final approval to the department.

Advertisement Approvals

Infographic demonstrating approval process for advertising

Regardless of cost, all external advertising must be pre-approved by the HRBP.

Department Chair
Human Resources/HRBP