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The fire and safety program is housed in the Ashland, Inc. Fire and Safety Laboratory. The Ashland Building is home to a fire protection system lab, fire extinguisher service lab and a multipurpose high bay lab. The newest addition to the lab and classroom space is a seven-room test burn facility.

The Richard H. Bogard Fire Protection System lab currently houses 24 sprinkler risers. The lab also holds a hydrant, PIV valve, and other water supply testing equipment that is used as part of the Sprinklers and Hydraulics classes. Also used in this course and housed in the lab are operating systems and cut-away components.

The program purchased a new Pumper Truck from Sutphen Manufacturing in 2009. This truck is housed in the Ashland Building, and used as a training and educational tool for our students.

3D Scans of our Facilities

Sprinkler Lab
Chem Lab

Fire and Safety

521 Lancaster Ave.
Stratton 354
Richmond, Ky 40475
Phone: 859-622-3565


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