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Housing & Residence Life 5 First-Year Students Room Selection

First-Year Students Room Selection

What Is Room Selection?

Room Selection gives you the opportunity to pick your living space for the upcoming semester!
In order to select your space, you must complete the Housing Application.

Important Dates for Room Selection

    • April 1 – Deadline for consideration for New Student Priority Selection*
    • April 1 – New Student LLC application closes
    • April 2 – Roommate Matching opens for all incoming students
    • April 17 – Qualifying* students notified of their lottery-based room selection time
    • April 22 – New Student Priority Selection begins**
    • May 3 – New Student Priority Selection ends**
    • May 7 – New Students who did not qualify for Priority Selection are notified of their General Selection time**
    • May 13 – New Student General Selection begins**
    • May 23 – New Student Selection ends**
NOTE: to qualify you must have a paid Colonel Commitment Fee, a completed Housing Application, and an orientation time slot.
** All selection times are lottery-based. Priority Selection qualifying students are in a separate lottery than General Selection students.

About the Housing Application

    • The Housing Application can be found in your Housing Portal.
    • This application MUST be completed by all students who plan to live on campus in the Fall of 2024. 
    • The Colonel Commitment Fee must be paid to complete the application. 
    • Please complete the Roommate Questionnaire in the Housing Application honestly. This will be used to assist in matching you with another student.   
    • To be a part of the priority room selection process, you must apply by April 1, 2024. Completing your Housing Application early does NOT guarantee you will have first choice of room selection.  
    • If you would like to live in a Living Learning Community, complete the LLC application as part of the Housing Application. Additional information about placement will be available during the Room Selection process. The deadline to apply for an LLC is April 1, 2024.

Important Notes about Room Selection

    • Check your EKU email for upcoming dates.
    • To see how the room selection process works, check out our video! 
    • Completing your Housing Application early does not guarantee an early selection time. Selection dates and times are randomly generated.
    • If you are accepted into a Living Learning Community, you will only be able to select a room that is part of the LLC and only match with roommates who are also in the LLC.
    • The individual that has the earliest Room Selection can select a room for both students, but both students must verify in the housing system that you wish to live with one another.

Choosing a Roommate

    • If you have someone you would like to live with, you can add a roommate to your group during Room Selection.
    • Talk to your friend and develop a plan prior to Selection time. Remind them to complete their Housing Application. 
    • Both students must be willing to live with one another. 
    • The student with the earliest room selection date and time can select a room for both students, but both individuals must agree to live together, in the Residence Hall that was selected.
    • If you do not have a roommate, you can use the roommate match capability in the system. This gives you an opportunity to see how similar other students are to you, based on the Roommate Questionnaire you completed with your application. Only students in need of a roommate will be searchable during the process. 

Video not helpful? We have all the same information in a step-by-step guide below as well!

Roommate Matching and Room Selection

Follow the below steps to create and add someone to your roommate group!

  1. Log into the Housing Portal and select Housing App & Room Info.
  2. Select the AY 2024-2025 Term.
  3. Check your Roommate Profile to ensure your Web Screen Name is your EKU email address and that you have the box selected if you want others to be able to search for you.
  4. If you are the group leader, you can create a group and name the group.
  5. You can search for other students using two methods: If you know the student’s Web Screen Name, you can search by name. If you are unsure of who you wish to live with, you can use suggested roommates and the system will show other students whom you are highly matched with.
  6. Invite the students who you want to live with. Can’t find someone? Have the other student log into their housing portal and ensure you have the correct Web Screen Name. 
  7. Each student you add needs to log into their housing portal and confirm that they wish to be in the group.
  8. Once the group is verified (the system will show Verified with a green box), you are ready to select a room during your assigned lottery time.
  9. DOUBLE CHECK that the roommate you want to pick a space with is in your group and you have no pending requests!

You can only be in one group at a time, and can only have one group leader!

Follow the below steps to select a room!

  1. Once it’s your time to select a space based on #8 above, you can go ahead and continue to the room selection page.
  2. Select the building and room you wish to select.
  3. Once the room is in your cart, you have 10 minutes to confirm the selection. We encourage you to look at the floor plans linked at the top of the roommate selection page.
  4. Assign each student to a bed.
  5. Confirm the assignments.
  6. AND DONE! You should now see the listed room with those assigned at the bottom of the page.

Housing and Residence Life

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