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Eastern Kentucky University

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Registrar 5 Military Activation

Military Activation

Some EKU students have had their college careers affected, involuntarily, by military deployment. Below is information regarding University policy on this matter, explaining various options available to these students. Any questions should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

A student who is activated (not simply enlisting) by the military should speak with each instructor to determine which of the three following options is best. In each case it is advised that the instructor be given a copy of the student’s activation orders.

  1. Receive a grade – For students deployed to military action after the 12th week of the semester the instructor has the option of assigning the student a grade in the class based upon work completed. That grade would be submitted during normal final grade submission, no additional work would be required of the student.
  2. Receive an incomplete due to military activation – If the instructor feels that the portion of the semester remaining, and volume of uncovered material is such that it can be made up in a reasonable amount of time and effort, a grade of  “Incomplete for Military Activation” may be given. The instructor or the student must ensure that a copy of the student’s military orders are received by the Registrar’s Office. Without a copy of these orders the student cannot receive the “Incomplete for Military Activation” grade. The instructor completes an Incomplete Grade Contract and notes on the contract that this is due to military activation. If the instructor has a copy of the military orders they should be attached to the Incomplete Contract. Once the Registrar’s Office receives a copy of the military orders the normal “I” grade will be converted to “IM”. It should be noted that the student is responsible for contacting the instructor once they are discharged from duty. The date of military discharge starts the student’s clock counting down the two years allowed to complete the “IM” grade.
  3. Receive a military withdraw from a class, or from the university as a whole – The student should send a letter requesting a withdrawal and enclose a copy of the activation notification. The Office of the Registrar staff will process the withdrawal which also triggers a 100% refund or reduction of tuition. The address is shown below.
  • The letter should be addressed to: EKU Registrar, Whitlock CPO 58, 521 Lancaster Avenue, Richmond, KY 40475-3158 (FAX Number: 859-622-6207).  The letter and active duty orders can also emailed to from the student’s EKU email address.
  • The letter must include the following information:
    • Student name and Student EKU ID Number
    • A statement that the student wishes to withdraw completely from the University OR listing the individual courses for withdrawal.
    • Student’s signature (absolutely mandatory), and the date.

It is mandatory that a copy of the activation notification be enclosed with this letter.

Students who volunteer for military service during a semester – A student who makes the decision to join the military instead of being a student, and does so while the semester is in progress, (instead of completing the semester and then joining), is not eligible for Military Withdraw, Military Incomplete, or to receive a grade early in the semester.

Office of the Registrar

521 Lancaster Avenue
Whitlock CPO 58, Room 239
Richmond, KY 40475-3102