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Eastern Kentucky University

Office of the Registrar

Registrar 5 Readmission Petition

Readmission Petition

Readmitting to EKU

Students who wish to return to EKU but were academically suspended or dismissed (and sat out the required suspension/dismissal time) with an institutional GPA of less than a 1.5 must appeal for readmission through the Office of the Registrar, in addition to submitting an application for readmission to the Office of Admissions. Academic Dismissal has a mandatory 5 year sit-out period. Students on Dismissal are not allowed to petition for immediate readmission and must sit out their time.

Students should complete the Petition for Readmission.

Petition for Immediate Readmission following Academic Suspension

Students on 1st academic suspension are required to sit out from EKU for one full regular semester (see catalog for policies regarding additional suspensions).

If there were documented, catastrophic circumstances beyond the student’s control, University policy allows the student to submit a Petition for Immediate Readmission to the Office of the Registrar. The required documentation supporting the petition, the student’s full academic record, and potential to successfully complete college work will be reviewed. If approved, the student will be allowed to attend the semester immediately following the suspension. Please note, the suspension will remain on the academic record and transcript.

To petition for immediate readmission, students on 1st suspension should complete the Petition for Immediate Readmission form and submit all of the supporting documents to the Registrar’s office. All supporting documents must be uploaded to the petition at the time of submission. Documents not received within the 30-day timeframe will null and void the petition. If additional documentation is requested, students have 30 days to submit the additional documentation with a new petition, if the documents are not received within the 30-day timeframe the original petition will be null and void.

Acceptable Documentation
  • Formal Medical Documentation
    a. Dates of illness
    b. Diagnosis
    c. Test Results
    d. A detailed letter from your physician/therapist explaining how your illness affected your academic progress for the semester in question.
    • Documentation of Medical doctor/licensed practitioner “excuse” that directly applies to the semester/class in question.
  • Obituaries (please include the relationship)
    • Must provide documentation of death of:
    • Mother/Father (to include stepmother or father)
    • Brother/Sister (to include half-brother or sister)
    • Spouse/Partner
    • Child (to include stepchild)
    • Grandparent or Grandchild
    • In-Laws of same kind
    • Other persons with whom the student has a “loco parentis” relationship
  • Accident/Police Reports
    • Alleged victim of violent offense, as evidenced by police report (EKU or otherwise) or OEI filing

The following circumstances will receive an automatic denial:

  • Work
    • Emergency Services Personnel excepted
  • Excessive Absences without MD/licensed practitioner “excuse”
  • Travel/Vacation
  • Technology issues
  • Applications without documentation listed in the above (approval) section.

Office of the Registrar

521 Lancaster Avenue
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