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Life After College

Athlete trying on SuitEastern Kentucky University offers great opportunities for student-athletes to connect with many great career options regionally. Academic Advisors mentor our student-athletes to help them find and identify their vocation and passion.

EKU offers Career Services to our students. We recommend you make an appointment here when you have earned 90 credits.

EKU football offers Suits For Seniors in preparation for their future career endeavors.

How Not to Suck at Money helps college students build core financial skills through an interactive game. Students learn how to budget, invest, plan and spend intentionally, all through choice-based gameplay and short videos. Every element of How Not to Suck at Money was informed by research with over 1,500 college students, which resulted in a game that can be played on any device (mobile, tablet or desktop) in their spare time. There is no download required and students can start with whatever topic is most interesting to them. Students that complete the game receive a certificate of completion that can be showcased on LinkedIn as well as a financial education playbook which summarizes key learnings and additional resources.

Bratzke Student-Athlete Academic Success Center

Crabbe Library 207E
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: (859) 622-1628
Fax: (859) 622-3074

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