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Student-athletes are assigned study hall hours based upon their EKU GPA, their year in school, and the recommendations of their coaches. All incoming freshmen are assigned 8 hours, and incoming transfers a minimum of 4 hours in study hall. Anyone who achieves a 3.3 or higher after their initial year of enrollment at EKU is no longer required to complete weekly study hours. Students are to accumulate all their hours by 3:00pm every Friday of the week. At that point, the list of students who have not completed their required study hall hours are sent to the team’s advisor who then sends them out to the coaches.

Study Hall Requirements


Incoming Freshman 8 hours/week
Incoming Transfers Minimum of 4 hours/week
EKU GPA 2.24 or below 8 hours/week
EKU GPA 2.25 – 2.59 6 hours/week
EKU GPA 2.60 – 2.99 4 hours/week
EKU GPA 3.00 – 3.29 2 hours/week
EKU GPA 3.3 or higher No study hall
THE BRATZKE TEAM Bratzke is here to assist you. Please treat the team members with the courtesy and respect that you would like afforded to you.
CHECK-IN and CHECK-OUT The computer at the front desk will register the time you arrive and the time you leave. If you should have any problems with the program, please alert the front desk monitor. If you sign-in and leave the facility without signing out, your time will not count toward your weekly total. In addition your coach will be notified.
COMPUTER LAB You are allowed to check e-mail and use it for homework, projects, and assignments only. You are not allowed to use the lab for social media. Save your work to your Google Drive or email it to yourself. If you use a thumb drive, please save your work on your thumb drive and remember to take it  with you once you have finished. If you should have any questions, our student intern or GA can assist you. Food and drink are not permitted by the computers.
CELL PHONES Please turn them off when you enter your tutoring session, mentoring session, or study hall. If you need to make a call regarding a homework assignment, school, etc. please go to outside of the room. Your call should be limited to minimize distractions.
MP3 PLAYERS The volume should be at a level so your neighbor cannot hear your music.
NO SLEEPING Please come prepared to study. If you are sleeping, you will be asked to leave.
NOISE Please restrict talk to homework and other school related discussion. If you must talk with someone, please sign out and do so outside of the rooms. Be respectful of others who need quietness.
FACILITY APPEARANCE Please help us keep the center clean and organized.
DRY ERASE MARKERS/ ERASERS Markers and erasers are available for your use. Please clean the board when you are finished.
The BRATZKE members are here to create and maintain a positive learning environment. If you do not abide by the rules, you will be asked to leave. If you are having problems with another student-athlete or you have a concern, please alert the front desk immediately.

Bratzke Student-Athlete Academic Success Center

Crabbe Library 207E
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: (859) 622-1628
Fax: (859) 622-3074

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