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Spaces 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to have an event, but I am not sure who to contact.

A: If you are an EKU Faculty/Staff member, please use the Reservations page, and select “Internal Clients” to complete your event request. If you are an external client, please fill out the external clients contact form.

Q: I am part of a Registered Student Organization. Who do I contact?

A: Please visit the Office of Student Life and First-Year Experience’s page about¬†Facility Reservations.

Q: My organization is tax exempt. What do I need to provide?

A: You must provide proof of your tax exemption to your event planner. Please consult with your event planner for more information.

Q: What are the capacities of your meeting spaces?

A: Please see our Venues and Setups page for more information.

Q: Is there Wi-Fi available for my event?

A: Yes! EKU Information Technology provides a wireless network “eku_guest” as a courtesy network for visitors to EKU. Get information about how to connect.

Q: Are animals allowed?

A: No animals shall be permitted within the meeting space other than service animals.

Q: Am I allowed to have a banner for use at my event?

A: Your banner must be hung from appropriate hooks approved by Conferencing and Events. If you require a banner to be hung on the exterior of a building, EKU Facilities Services must give approval. This exterior banner must be hung by appropriate Facilities Staff, which is arranged by Conferencing and Events.

Q: Am I allowed to have open flames or candles at my event? What about sparkler send-offs?

A: No open flames are permitted inside or outside EKU facilities according to State Law. This includes sparkler send-offs. EKU Risk Management will not approve requests for sparkler send-offs.

Q: What about decorations?

A: Decorations and signs are limited to tables, floor displays, brick walls, and tack board surfaces. No tape, window clings, staples, push pins, or nails are allowed on light fixtures, wood, glass, plastic, metal, tile, stone, or painted walls. Other wall and ceiling decorations are not allowed for any reason.

Q: Can I have confetti, glitter, or sand at my event?

A: No. No confetti, glitter, or sand is permitted inside EKU Facilities.

Q: Can I have balloons at my event?

A: Helium balloons must be tied to solid balloon weights or securely attached to free-standing decorations. Sand weights are not allowed. Balloons must not be taped nor tied to university fixtures, furnishings, equipment, or walls.

Q: Can I serve alcohol at my event?

A: In accordance with EKU Policy 9.1.1, serving alcohol at an event requires advance approval from University Council. Please consult with your event planner.

Q: Do I have to have insurance for my event?

A: Conferencing and Events requires proof that the group seeking to hold an event holds an active public liability insurance. Please consult with your event planner.

Q: My event has presentations I will show to my attendees. Is there a way I can show them?

A: Most of our venues are able to do presentations. For specific Audio/Visual needs, please consult with your event planner.

Q: I would like an audio setup for my event. Is this possible?

A: Generally, yes. For specific Audio/Visual needs, please consult with your event planner.

Q: Is there parking available?

A: For events in the Carl Perkins Conference Center, the large parking lot directly next to the building is available. For events at other venues, please consult your event planner or see the EKU Campus Parking Map. For more information, please see the EKU Parking and Transportation Services website.

Q: I want a catered meal at my event. Is this allowed?

A: Yes. Conferencing and Events maintains a list of EKU approved caterers. Please consult with your event planner for this list.

Q: Can I have a wedding at EKU?

A: Yes! Please visit our Weddings page.

Q: What hours can I have my event?

A: Events can be scheduled any day of the week. Please consult with your event planner.

Q: Does Conferencing and Events supply tables and chairs?

A: Yes. To discuss your setup needs, please consult your event planner.

Q: Can I smoke/vape/use e-cigarettes on EKU’s Campus or inside Conferencing and Events spaces?

A: No. EKU has been smoke/tobacco/vape free since June 1, 2014. Please consult EKU Tobacco Free FAQs.

Q: Are food and drink options available on campus?

A: EKU is partnered with Aramark Food Services to provide on campus dining options. These include:

At Case Dining

  • Case Kitchen (2nd floor)
  • Chic-fil-a (1st floor)
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill (1st floor)
  • Panda Express (1st floor)
  • P.O.D Express (1st floor)
  • Subway (1st floor)

Cuisine (New Science Building)

Stratton Cafe (Stratton)

Einstein Bros. Bagels (Weaver Building)

Java City (Crabbe Library)

At the Powell Building

  • Starbucks (1st floor)
  • The Corner (1st floor)

Note: Hours of operation may be affected by University events/closures. Please consult¬†EKU Dining’s website¬†or your event planner.

Q: Is there a place my attendees can spend the night?

A: Please consult the¬†Richmond Chamber of Commerce’s listing of local hotels. For summer camps, please contact your event planner.

Q: Does Conferencing and Events provide directional signs for event attendees?

A: In the Carl Perkins Conference Center, there are TVs displaying room numbers where events are being held. Outside Perkins, signage may be available. Please consult with your event planner.

If your question was not answered here, please contact us at 859-622-2001.

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