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Space Utilization

Space Utilization 5 Venues and Setups

Venues and Setups

An image of the Coates Building at Eastern Kentucky University.


Here at EKU, we have a wide variety of venue options to host your special event. From meetings to weddings, we can accommodate any group size. Below is an in-depth look at our facilities!

Alumni Coliseum

The signature athletic space of EKU’s campus, Alumni Coliseum offers a beautiful venue to host sporting events or even larger events.

There are two main spaces within Alumni available for events:

Alumni Coliseum Main Floor

The central space of the building, known as Baptist Health Arena, is able to host a multitude of events. The arena is best known for its athletic events and for being the home of EKU’s commencement ceremonies.

More information about this space is available via EKU Spaces Portal.

Below is a room diagram for the Baptist Health Arena.

Alumni Coliseum McBrayer

Alumni Coliseum Aux Gym

The complementary space to the main arena, the Aux Gym is capable of hosting receptions and many other types of events.

More information is available about this space via EKU Spaces Portal.

Facility Layout Diagram:

Alumni Coliseum Aux Gym Space Diagram

Brock Auditorium

Located in the Coates Administration Building, Brock Auditorium is a performance venue unlike any other on campus. With 750+ seats on the main floor and balcony, there is plenty of room to host large groups. More information about this space is available via EKU Spaces Portal.

Facility Diagrams:

Balcony Seating

First Floor Seating

Brock auditorium layout

Stage Curtain Layouts:

Brcok Stage Layout

Carl D. Perkins Conference Center

The Perkins Conference Center offers a wide variety of meeting, classroom, and special event spaces that can be customized to fit your needs. Whether you’re hosting a workshop for 20 or a banquet for 200, Perkins is a great option!

Useable Spaces:

Perkins Quads:

The heart of Perkins, the Quads are frequently the center of many events here at the Perkins Conference Center. Each quad can be setup in Classroom, Banquet, and Theater styles.

Perkins Quads Dimentions

Perkins Quads Room Diagram:

Perkins Quads Blank

More information on each Quad is available at EKU Spaces Portal.

Breakout Rooms:

If your event needs smaller meetings or presentations as a part of your larger event, the breakout rooms in Perkins Conference Center are perfect to meet this need. Each room can be set up as either Classroom Style or Theater Style.

Below are some room diagrams and sample layouts.

Theater Style:

Perkins 219 Open Square

Classroom Style:

Perkins 221 Classroom Style

Perkins Computer Lab:

The Perkins Conference Center computer lab is available to events that need a dedicated lab for their event. With 13 student computers and an instructor station running Windows and equipped with Microsoft Office, this lab is suited for events that give attendees access to a computer lab.

More information about the Perkins Computer Lab.

Room Diagram:

Perkins Computer Lab (213) layout

Facility Diagrams:

Perkins Quads

Perkins Main Level

Perkins Lobby Layout:

Perkins Lobby Dimentions

Keen Johnson Building

Located in the heart of EKU’s Richmond Campus, the Keen Johnson Building plays host to numerous kinds of events. The Ballroom and Walnut Hall are the perfect size for large social gatherings; while the East, South, and West halls on the second floor are great for smaller gatherings and meetings. There is even a small performance space, the Pearl Buchanan Theater, available for on-campus groups.

Useable Spaces:

Main Ballroom:

The Main Ballroom is the premier space for events in the Keen Johnson building. From dances to choir concerts, this venue is capable of holding many types of events.

More information about this space is available via EKU Spaces Portal.

Below is a space diagram.

KJ Main Ballroom Layout

South Room:

The South Room is the complement to the Main Ballroom. The South Room is also capable of serving smaller events while still maintaining the charm of the building.

More information about this room is available via EKU Spaces Portal.

Below is a room diagram.

KJ South Room

East Room:

The East room provides a breakout space for your event inside of Keen Johnson.

More information about this room is available via EKU Spaces Portal.

Below is a room diagram.

East Room Diagram

West Room:

The West room provides a breakout space for your event inside of Keen Johnson.

More information is available via EKU Spaces Portal.

Below is a room diagram.

West Room diagram

Walnut Hall:

Walnut Hall embraces the signature look of the 1930’s while also being perfect for more intimate events.

Below is a room diagram.

Walnut Hall Room Diagram

Pearl Buchanan Theatre:

Pearl Buchanan Theatre provides a intimate theater experience in a historical theatre setting. Adjacent to the Keen Johnson building, this theatre provides a space for small performances or presentations.

Location specific information may be found via EKU Spaces Portal.

Facility Diagrams:

Keen Johnson First Floor

Keen Johnson Second Floor

O'Donnell Auditorium

O’Donnell Auditorium

The O’Donnell Auditorium, located inside the Whitlock Building, is a venue for a small to medium groups looking to have an event. With room for over 390 people, this venue is perfect for film screenings, presentations, or other different types of events!

A seating chart is also available.

More information about this space is available via EKU Spaces Portal.

Below is a room diagram.

Whitlock Diagram

The Ravine

The Ravine offers a perfect view of the Campus Beautiful while also being able to host events. From weddings to concerts, the Ravine is perfect for most outdoor events!

To view more information about this space in EKU Spaces Portal.

The University Club at Arlington

A Tradition of Hospitality and Excellence

The estate referred to as Arlington was donated in 1967 by W. Arnold Hanger in honor of this parents, Col. And Mrs. Harry B. Hanger. In addition to the 15-acre bequest to the university, 166 acres of farmland were also purchased by the Eastern Kentucky University Foundation. Then-EKU-President Robert R. Martin accepted the gift from Mr. Hanger and in a few short years, the Arlington estate was restored and transformed into what is now The University Club at Arlington.

The University Club comprises an 18-hole championship course, an Olympic-size swimming and diving complex, six lighted tennis courts, multiple event venues, a state-of-the-art golf practice facility, and various dining facilities. The club also serves as home to the EKU Men’s and Women’s golf teams and the EKU Professional Golf Management Program. Additionally, The University Club at Arlington is a venue for many university conferences and events.

Built in the 1800s, the Arlington Estate has withstood the test of time and retained its fine character and charm. The University Club at Arlington continues a rich tradition of Southern hospitality and the standard of excellence embodied by the university.

The University Club is a place where you feel welcomed, members gather to form lifelong friendships and lasting memories, and family traditions begin.

Get more information on The University Club at Arlington website.

Room Capacities

This page lists the available capacities for the different spaces available. Specific room capacities are available in EKU Spaces Portal.

*Please note the capacities listed below are NOT the COVID-19 capacities.

Perkins Conference Center

Room Theater Classroom U-Shape Square 6′ Rounds 8′ Round
Perkins Quad A 100 54 30 36 60 80
Perkins Quad B 125 60 27 40 60 80
Perkins Quad C 100 54 30 36 48 64
Perkins Quad D 100 60 27 40 60 80
Perkins Quads AB 200 126 57 72 150 200
Perkins Quads CD 150 120 48 60 108 144
Perkins Quads ABCD 400 250 NA NA 252 336
Perkins 209* 40 27 21 24 NA NA
Perkins 210* 40 27 21 24 NA NA
Perkins 211 40 27 21 24 NA NA
Perkins 213 NA 12 NA NA NA NA
Perkins 219* 25 24 16 24 NA NA
Perkins 221 40 24 21 24 NA NA
Perkins 224 Conference Room Capcacity 16
Perkins 229 Conference Room Capacity 20

* = Tile Floor

NA = Not Available

O’Donnell Auditorium

Total Seating Capacity 396

Brock Auditorium

1st Floor 884 People
2nd Floor, Lower Balcony 296 People
2nd Floor, Upper Balcony 458 People
Total 1638 People


In order to balance the needs of our clients and the workload of our facilities staff, there are several predefined options for each of our event venues. Please see the examples below for some sample layouts.

Perkins Quads AB in a Round Table layout.

Perkins Quad AB Layout Luncheon

Perkins 219 in a hollow square setup

Perkins 219 in a Hollow Square setup

Perkins 211 Set up classroom style

Facility Diagrams

Space Utilization

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