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Course Embedded Consultant Program

About the Program

The Course-Embedded Consultant Program is a Noel Studio partnership with the First-Year Writing Program and Department of English designed to provide additional feedback and support for writers in ENG 101R and 102R. Course-Embedded Consultants (CEC) are employed and trained by the the Noel Studio to complement existing consultation and workshop services and classroom instruction. CECs consult ENG 101R/102R students engaged in writing and critical reading activities both inside and outside of class. Each CEC is assigned to one or two sections of ENG 101R/102R and works closely with the instructor throughout the course to establish a clear understanding of course and assignment goals, expectations, and requirements. CECs attend select class meetings of course to which they are assigned; offer focused feedback on questions and issues commonly encountered by First-Year Writing students; and work with the instructor to facilitate individualized and small-group workshop and peer-review sessions as needed.

History of the Course-Embedded Consultant Program

The Course-Embedded Consultant program, previously the Writing Fellows program, originated as a pilot in Spring 2014 with the intention of supporting First-Year Writing students in ENG 101. With funding from EKU’s Provost and in close collaboration with the Department of English and Theatre and the First-Year Writing Program, the Noel Studio organized Instructor-Writing Fellow teams who worked together to provide greater attention to writing processes, instruction, and learning at a critical time for first-year students.

In this pilot phase, the Writing Fellow program substantially altered students’ and faculty’s attitudes about writing, instilled better writing practices in students by encouraging them to embrace the drafting process, and improved final drafts and, by extension, final grades. Feedback provided by faculty, Writing Fellows, and students indicated a significant positive impact on classroom atmosphere and student comfort levels working with peer mentors. In the summer of 2014, the program received a Council of Postsecondary Education grant to fund Writing Fellows for three sections of ENG 101R. The program now includes on average 20 (Spring) to 35-40 (Fall) Course-Embedded Consultants assigned to ENG 101R and ENG 102R courses.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact the Noel Studio Director of Writing, Communication, and Learning Programs with any questions related to the Course-Embedded Consultant Program.

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