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Center for Economic Education

Economic Education

Our Objective:

To improve decision making in the Commonwealth by providing education, training, and resources to K-12 teachers so that they can teach economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurship in their classrooms throughout the EKU service region and central and eastern Kentucky.

The Center was established on September 16, 1975, and is currently housed in the EKU College of Business. We are part of the Coalition for Financial Literacy in the Commonwealth (CFLC), which is a network of economic and entrepreneurship education providers that are affiliated with the Council for Economic Education (CEE), a nationwide network that leads in promoting economic and financial literacy with students and their teachers. CEE’s mission coincides with our objective – to help students develop the real-life skills they need to succeed.  We work to equip teachers to teach students to think and choose responsibly as consumers, savers, investors, citizens, members of the workforce, and effective participants in a global economy.

Reach out to us if you are in need of resources or services in the areas of economics, personal finance, or entrepreneurship for teachers and students.


Our Sponsors

We are thankful to the following organizations and businesses for supporting our programs through funding, collaboration, space for workshops, and much more:


Graduate Courses

As opportunities arise, Dr. Cynthia Harter offers the following two online graduate courses for teachers:

  • ECO 810: Economics for Teachers

    This course is not a traditional “economics principles” course, but it does cover basic economic principles. The primary objective is to use the economic way of thinking to analyze some economic problems that exist in our society. Economics doesn’t have answers for all problems, and we will cover only a few of the many economic issues facing the US and other nations, but you will see that economic forces are powerful and pervasive. This course will introduce you to the power of economics in ways that will allow to show your students that economics is helpful and relevant in many areas of study and life, in general. The course will provide a foundation for use of economics as a problem-solving approach to understanding economic and political issues. There will also be links to resources that you can use to teach the issues and concepts to your students. The course is taught fully online with no on-site meetings.


  • ECO 807: Consumer Economics and Personal Finance for Teachers

    ECO 807 is a graduate course for teachers where concepts covered include decision making, budgets, taxes, banks, credit cards and loans, major purchases and risk, insurance, investing, and retirement. The course is taught fully online with no on-site meetings. The course will focus on learning content and also evaluating lessons and materials for teachers to use in their classrooms.

For more information about either of these courses, contact:

Dr. Cynthia Harter
EKU Center for Economic Education
BTC 214
521 Lancaster Ave.
Richmond, KY 40475

Phone: 859-622-1390

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Dr. Cynthia Harter

Dr. Cynthia Harter
Professor of Economics
Director of EKU Center for Economic Education

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