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Nursing 9 EKU Google Access Instructions

EKU Google Access Instructions

Instructions for Accessing EKU Google Documents

In order to be able to use a link to an EKU Google document (sheets, docs, forms, sign-up forms, etc.) you will need to be logged in to the EKU Google account tied to your official EKU email account. If you are logged in to your personal Google account, and attempt to access an EKU document, you will receive a message stating that you are denied access.

Review EKU IT’s G Suite Google instructions.

To access the EKU document, log out of your personal Google account first. Next, use the Google Chrome browser and log in to your EKU Google account with your EKU email. Refer to the screen shots below. If you need assistance after reviewing instructions, contact Lisa Garvey.

Google Chrome login options:

An image showing Google Chrome login options.

When properly logged in to you EKU Google account, you’ll see the EKU logo in the upper right corner:

An image showing what Google Chrome looks like when you're logged in.

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