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Nursing 9 Override Request Forms FAQ

Override Request Forms FAQ

♦  School of Nursing override request forms can be found here.

♦  Review the OVERRIDE REQUEST INSTRUCTION EMAIL from and the FAQ’s below. If you need assistance with override processing contact Angie Wheeler at

♦  Please note that override processing is not automatic after override request form submission. It takes several days for the office staff to review CastleBranch and other compliance measures to ensure a student is eligible for overrides to be processed.

Q: Why do I need to request overrides/ get chair approval for nursing courses?

A: All NSC courses (nursing courses) are restricted and require office staff to process an override or “chair approval” in the registration system to permit officially admitted, current EKU nursing students to register for nursing courses next semester. This allows the School of Nursing to confirm clinical policy compliance and reserve the courses for enrolled nursing students.

Q: Should I submit a second override form if I need to update a CastleBranch requirement or if I haven’t received a response yet?

A: No, do not submit multiple override request forms. Duplicate forms will be disregarded. All forms are received and logged in our system for processing. In the event you have a CastleBranch or PLI issue preventing overrides, you will be notified by the office staff that your override request has been put on hold. You will need to notify the office staff when your requirement(s) are ACCEPTED in CastleBranch or PLI registration is completed so the override process can be completed. Once overrides are processed by the office staff, you will receive an email from with a list of CRN#’s clearing you to register for nursing courses.

Q: Can I submit the override request form later this semester?

A:  If you are clear in CastleBranch, you should submit the form now. If necessary, you can wait to submit the form later this semester, but should update all CastleBranch requirements before the deadline as required in the student handbook.(Spring term: December 1st, Summer term: May 1st, Fall term: August 1st). For override purposes, CastleBranch requirements cannot be set to expire before January 31 for the spring term, August 31 for the fall term and May 31 for the summer term. You will not be closed out of nursing courses while waiting for overrides to be processed. Nursing courses are reserved for nursing students.

Q: How do I verify the actual expiration date or renewal date for CastleBranch requirements?

A: Students can download a CastleBranch Compliance Summary Report to view each requirement’s expiration date. Your compliance summary report is located in the Document Center. To view your compliance summary report, select the “My Documents” tab and then the folder that matches the name of the compliance tracker from your To-Do List. Students can also call CastleBranch customer service at (888) 723-4263 or use the online chat feature for assistance to obtain upcoming expiration dates. Do not rely on a green check mark in your account. A green check mark indicates current compliance on that date only. 

Q: Why do I need to update CastleBranch requirements now that aren’t set to expire until later this spring or summer?

A: We can’t process overrides until a student has updated CastleBranch requirements through January 31 for the spring term, through May 31 for the summer term and through August 31 for the fall term. Updating all CastleBranch requirements through the month the new term begins ensures students will have met their clinical requirements as the semester starts. Clinical sites check students’ CastleBranch accounts before classes start.

Q: How do I upload a new document to CastleBranch if there isn’t a slot?

A: You’ll need to call CastleBranch customer service at 888-723-4263 or use the online chat feature to ask that customer service open a new slot for early renewal. When CastleBranch opens a new slot, you can expect the requirement to temporarily read “overdue” until the new document is uploaded. This temporary situation is acceptable and will not affect overrides/enrollment. Do not request a slot unless you have a new document you plan to upload.

Q: (For Fall term courses only) Why do I need to upload new health insurance documents in CastleBranch if it isn’t due yet for renewal?

A: All students’ health insurance documents expire in CastleBranch on August 1 annually. In order to be eligible to receive overrides in the spring or summer, students will need to contact CastleBranch at 888-723-4263 to request they open a slot for early renewal (ahead of the August 1 expiration date) so there is a slot to upload the insurance document. The student will then upload the new health insurance document in that slot. CastleBranch will review and accept the document, setting the new renewal date for August 1, 2025. We can’t process overrides for the fall term until a student has updated their health insurance document in CastleBranch. The health insurance document needs to be updated once per year on or before August 1st.

Q: Do I need to register for PLI before submitting an override request?

A: For fall term override purposes, students need to register for Fall 2024 CRN #15236 which covers students Fall 2024 – Summer 2025. Students who registered for fall 2023 PLI CRN 10602 currently have Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) in effect through summer 2024.

Q: Is it acceptable to have a CastleBranch requirement that is set to expire during the term?

A: You should not let a requirement expire and become overdue at any time. For override purposes, students cannot have any requirements set to expire prior to or during the month of January for spring term overrides. It is acceptable to have a CastleBranch requirement set to expire during the semester provided the renewal occurs in advance of the expiration date allowing enough time for CastleBranch review and acceptance of uploaded documentation. If a CastleBranch requirement expires and becomes overdue, students cannot return to clinicals until the expired requirement is renewed. The missed clinical will be an UNEXCUSED absence.  

Q: How do new admits to the AASN program or traditional BSN program get overrides for nursing courses?

A: Newly admitted traditional BSN students who need overrides for NSC 332, 350 and 380 should have received an official decision letter from the chair, Dr. Bentley with instructions. Newly admitted traditional BSN students who need assistance with overrides for NSC 332, 350 and 380 should contact Nursing. Newly admitted AASN students who need overrides for NSC 114 should have received an official decision letter from the chair, Dr. Bentley, and academic specialist, Angie Wheeler, with instructions. Newly admitted AASN students who need assistance with overrides for NSC 114 should contact Angie Wheeler.

Professional Liability Insurance

(Terminates on August 14 regardless of initial enrollment.)

  • (PLI) Fall 2024 CRN #15236 covers Fall 2024 – Summer 2025
  1. What is PLI?
    It protects you if there is a claim of damage that results from an error in practice during EKU internships, practicums, or field work.
  2. What is the cost?
    Your EKU student account will be charged $21.
  3. How long is PLI valid?
    PLI is good for the entire academic year and always terminates on August 14.
    If you register for PLI in Fall semester – it covers the fall, next spring and summer semesters.
    If you register for PLI in Spring semester – it covers the spring and next summer semester.
    If you register for PLI in Summer semester – it covers the summer semester only.
  4. Where do I get this?
    Log into MyEKU as if registering for a class. Register for PLI by typing the CRN number provided.

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