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  • The entries below are contributed by instructors to alert students about the technology requirements for specific 100% online or mixed Web/classroom courses.
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  • Tuition for 100% online courses is charged at a higher rate, and always per credit hour. Tuition for mixed Web/classroom courses is charged at the same rate as regular classroom courses. For tuition information, see this link.
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Subject#SectionTitleHoursBegin DateEnd DateInstructor
CSC50753323Mac (Apple Computer) Forensics3May 18, 2015Jun 26, 2015Dr. Shuangteng Zhang
CSC70753324Mac (Apple Computer) Forensics3May 18, 2015Jun 26, 2015Dr. Shuangteng Zhang
EDF85551482Foundations of Multicultural Education3May 18, 2015Jun 26, 2015Dr. Samuel Hinton
INF10453553Computer Literacy with Software Applications3May 18, 2015Jun 26, 2015Dr. Shuangteng Zhang
INF31853322Mobile Dev Sec and Privacy3May 18, 2015Jun 26, 2015Dr. Shuangteng Zhang
MUH272001Music Literature3Jun 08, 2015Jul 31, 2015Phillip M. Sehmann
OTS86352717Occupation & Sensory Process3Jun 08, 2015Jul 31, 2015Shirley O'Brien
PHE889Sports Administration Capstone3May 18, 2015Jun 28, 2015Heather Adams-Blair
PHI110Beginning Philosophy3Jun 29, 2015Aug 07, 2015Steve Parchment
PHI130001Beginning Ethics ONLINE3Jun 08, 2015Jul 31, 2015Gene Kleppinger
PHI320Modern Philosophy3Jun 29, 2015Aug 07, 2015Steve Parchment