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  • The entries below are contributed by instructors to alert students about the technology requirements for specific 100% online or mixed Web/classroom courses.
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Subject#SectionTitleHoursBegin DateEnd DateInstructor
AFA202LOOKThe African American Experience3Aug 18, 2014Dec 12, 2014Norma Threadgill, PhD, MSW
AFA346001Diversity and Criminal Justice3Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014Dr. Deborah Louis
ANT120006Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3Aug 08, 2014Dec 13, 2014Professor Jennifer Wies
ANT201004Introduction to Physical Anthropology3Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014Benjamin Z. Freed
ANT330xxx002American Indians3Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014Dr. Marcie L. Venter
AST135008Introductory Astronomy3Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014Brent Marcum
AVN15015869Introduction to Aviation3Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014James Adamson
AVN19216323Private Pilot-SEL: Ground4Aug 25, 2014Dec 12, 2014Ralph Gibbs
CDS87012042Professional Issues in Communication Disorders3Aug 01, 2014Dec 01, 2014Dr. Tammy Cranfill
CMS100013Introduction to Human Communication3Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014Dr. Fred Kolloff
CMS10013237Human Communication3Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014Dr. Kathy Werking
CMS10013237Human Communication3Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014Dr. Kathy Werking
CMS10013641Human Communication3Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014Dr. Kathy Werking
CMS32016300Persuasion3Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014Dr. Jayne Violette
COU804Counseling Diverse Populations3Jun 30, 2014Aug 15, 2014Dr. Sue Strong
COU813Professional Orientation and Ethics3May 19, 2014Jun 27, 2014Dr. Sue Strong
COU840Theories of Counseling3May 19, 2014Jun 27, 2014Dr. Sue Strong
CRJ331004Perspectives Crime & Delinquency3Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014Stephen Kappeler
CRJ345001Diversity and Criminal Justice3Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014Dr. Deborah Louis
CRJ40115808Organized Crime3Jan 01, 2014Jan 01, 2014Dr. Gary Potter
CTE80110462Occupational Training Methods3Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014Dr. David W. Dailey
ECO230007Principles of Microeconomics3Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014Fred Ruppel
ECO23115974Principles of Economics II (Macroeconomics)3Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014Cynthia Harter
EDF20313852History and Philosophy of Education3Aug 18, 2014Oct 10, 2014 Gussie Ann Lyttle-Burns
EDF85510783Foundations of Multicultural Education3Oct 15, 2014Dec 12, 2014Dr. Samuel Hinton
EHS280003Introduction to Environmental Health Science3Aug 18, 2014Oct 10, 2014Dr. D.B. Barnett
EHS280006Introduction to Environmental Health Science3Oct 15, 2014Dec 05, 2014Dr. D.B. Barnett
EHS850001Introduction to Environmental Health Science0Aug 18, 2014Dec 13, 2014Dr. D.B. Barnett
ELE507Teaching Grammar and Punctuation Grades P - 83Aug 18, 2014Dec 06, 2014Angie Madden
ELE707Teaching Grammar and Punctuation Grades P - 83Aug 18, 2014Dec 08, 2014Angie Madden
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