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Visiting Students

Eastern Kentucky University welcomes students who are pursuing degrees at other institutions and who would like to enroll at EKU for the purpose of transferring EKU credits back to their home institution.


To Apply as a Visiting Student:

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Provide verification of good standing from home institution.

Non-degree Seeking Students

EKU welcomes students who would like to enroll to take classes as non-degree seeking students. For example, students who are completing coursework after completing a bachelor’s degree as part of the process to apply for graduate or professional programs of study as well as students interested in taking coursework to pursue an area of interest. (Students who are still in high school should apply as a dual credit or high school special student.)

To apply as a non-degree seeking student:

  • Complete the online application.
  • Provide verification of high school completion by providing one of the following documents to the admissions office:
    • A final high school transcript with a graduation date
    • GED scores
    • Official college transcript from a prior institution
    • If you have previously been admitted to EKU after high school graduation, you will not need additional documentation.

For assistance with completing the online application or to request a paper application, please email

Please note that to enroll in courses you must provide evidence that you meet the stated course prerequisites. Financial aid is not available to visiting students. Students who wish to transfer to EKU must reapply as a degree-seeking transfer student.

Application deadlines are:

  • August 1 for fall term
  • December 1 for spring term
  • May 1 for Summer I
  • June 15 for Summer II