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One of Facilitation Center’s services is free access to a collection of more than 200 job profiles. These profiles are from a wide variety of fields and industries and cover jobs from various states. If you are interested in obtaining a job profile from our records, please contact Sarah Gilbert. Sarah will check permissions, and if the client has granted permission for us to share their profile, she can email you a copy of the final DACUM occupational chart.

Academic Recorder

Academic Teacher III – Corrections

Academy Training Officer – Corrections

Account Clerk II – Corrections

Administrative Aide

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant — Academic

Administrative Assistant II — Academic, Administration

Administrative Assistant II — Academic, Dean’s Office

Administrative Specialist Legal Secretary

Administrator of Substance Abuse Services

Adolescents and Families Social Worker

Adoptive Parent

Alternative School Principal

Assistant Supervisor of Security

Associate Superintendent – Corrections

Automation Coordinator – Corrections

Boiler Operator – Corrections

Business Manager – Corrections

Case Manager


Caseworker I – Corrections (Multiple States)

Centralized Intake Worker – Social Services

Certified Fire Inspector

Certified School Bus Driver

CFC Staff with Supervisory Responsibilities

Chief of Custody

Child Support Coordinator

Child Support Professional

Child Youth Development Professional

Classification Assistant – Corrections

Clerk III (Mailroom Supervisor) – Corrections

Community Corrections Administrator

Community Corrections Professional III

Community Resource Liaison

Community Service Worker

Continuing Education and Outreach Manager

Cook II – Corrections

Cook III – Corrections

Correctional Attorney

Correctional Captain

Correctional Counselor

Correctional Educator

Correctional Officer — multiple states

Correctional Supervisor I

Correctional Trainer

Corrections Officer II

Corrections Officer III

Counselor (Residential)

Critical Care Nurse

CSS First Level Jails

CSS First Level Prisons

Custody Officer

Custody Officer Jails

Custody Officer Prisons

DACUM Facilitator — multiple states

Day Treatment Educational Administrator

Day Treatment Program Director

Day Treatment Teacher

Departmental Secretary

Deputy Jailer

Detention Facility Inspector

Diagnostic Corrections Caseworker I

Diagnostic Probation and Parole Officer I

Director of Correctional Industries

District Administrator – Corrections

District Trainer Coordinator

Education Director Correctional Facility and Facilities

Education Program Manager – Corrections

Electronics Technician – Corrections

Emergency Squad (E-Squad) Member – Corrections

Entry Level Welder

Entry Level Fire Fighter

Entry Level Registered Nurse

Executive Director Domestic Violence Abuse Agency

Family Health Care Worker

Family Physician

Family Resource and Youth Services Center Coordinator

Family Services Office Supervisor

Family Support Case Worker

Family Support Specialist

Family Treatment Specialist

Field Services Supervisor – Social Services

Fire and Safety Specialist – Corrections

Food Service Manager – Corrections

Functional Unit Manager – Corrections

Grievance Officer – Corrections

Group Home Clerical Support Worker

Group Home Juvenile Treatment Assistant Principal

Group Home Program Director

Group Home Superintendent/Program Director

Group Home Youth Counselor/Social Services Worker

Group Home Youth Worker

Group Home Youth Worker Supervisor/Youth Services Program Supervisor

Group Life Coordinator

Guardianship Field Worker

Identification Clerk

Industrial Business Sales Representative

Institutional Activities Coordinator

Institutional Department Head

Institutional Head

Institutional Security Threat Group Coordinator

Institutional Training Officer

Intelligence and Security Captain

Investigator I – Corrections

Investigator II – Corrections

IT Network Administrator

Jail Administrator

Jail Primary Booking Officer

Juvenile Detention Director/Superintendent

Juvenile Facility Administrator

Juvenile Facility Educator

Juvenile Facility Superintendent

Juvenile Justice Training Program Manager

Juvenile Justice Transportation Officer

Juvenile Justice Youth Worker

Juvenile Probation Director

Juvenile Treatment Assistant Principal

Juvenile Treatment Coordinator in a Residential Program

Juvenile Treatment Coordinator in Group Homes

Kentucky Association of Homes for Children Director

Kentucky Works Coordinator

Laundry Manager – Corrections

Legal Support Assistant

Librarian I – Corrections

Librarian II – Corrections

Mailroom Clerk – Corrections

Maintenance Supervisor I – Corrections

Maintenance Worker II – Corrections

Manager/Education Supervisor II – Corrections

Manufacturing Technician

Media Producer Director

Mental Health Family Liaison

Mental Health and Mental Retardation Case Worker

MVE Account Clerk II – Corrections

Network Support Employee

Occupational Safety Fire Protection Manager

Office Support Assistant – Corrections

OSHA Safety Manager

Out of School Program Director

Parks and Recreation Director

Personnel Clerk – Corrections

Policy and Procedure Coordinator – Corrections

Correctional Internal Affairs Investigator

Print Specialist

Probation and Parole Administrator

Probation and Parole Assistant

Probation and Parole Clerical Supervisor

Probation and Parole Officer — multiple states

Probation and Parole Officer I

Probation and Parole Officer I (Institutional)

Probation and Parole Officer II

Probation and Parole Secretary

Probation and Parole Unit Supervisor

Probation Officer – Corrections

Program Development Training Specialist

Protection and Permanency Frontline Worker

Protection and Permanency Worker (PCWCP)

Psychologist II – Corrections

Public Advocate Investigator

Public Information Officer

Public Safety Training Instructor

Records Officer – Corrections

Recreation Director – Corrections

Recreation Officer I – Corrections

Recreation Officer II – Corrections

Recruitment and Certification Worker – Social Services

Regional Training Administrator – Corrections

Regional Training Coordinator – Social Services

Residential Education/School Administrator

Residential Educational Administrator

Residential Facility Superintendent

Residential Teacher

Residential Workers Competency Project (RWCP) Program Director

Motor Sports Technician

School Board Member

Secondary Press Operator


Security Investigator

Security Officer

Security Threat Group Coordinator

Senior Clerk

Senior Level Training Aide

Senior Office Associate

Senior Secretary

Service Region Administrator Associate – Social Services

Smart Grid Workforce

Social Service Aide

SPAA Insurance Claims Worker

Special Education Teacher III – Corrections

State Director of Juvenile Correctional Services

Stationary Engineer – Corrections

Store Reporting Clerk

Storekeeper I – Corrections

Storekeeper II – Corrections

Superintendent I (Classification Supervisor) – Corrections

Technical Writer Editor

Training Aide

Training Assistant

Training Coordinator – Corrections (Multiple States)

Training Program Manager – Corrections

Training Specialist

Transitional Housing Unit Correctional Caseworker

Transitional Housing Unit Institutional Parole Officer

TRIS Unit Worker

Tutor – Corrections

Unit Administrator II – Corrections

Unit Manager – Corrections

Unit Supervisor – Corrections

Utilities Engineering Technician

Victim Services Liaison

Warden/Superintendent – Corrections

Youth Manager – Residential Facility

Youth Treatment Manager – Corrections

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