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The Faculty Innovator (FI) Fellowship Program seeks to improve teaching and learning in EKU classrooms, by providing opportunities for faculty members to serve as teacher-scholars and mentors at the institution. Faculty who have a passion for creating and implementing effective teaching and learning practices will be asked to experiment, learn from, reflect on, and share these practices.

Expectations of Faculty Innovators (FIs)

Successful FIs will embody most, if not all, of the following characteristics:

  • Demonstrated passion and vision for improving teaching and learning at EKU;
  • Interest in serving the institution;
  • Ability to influence and mentor colleagues, overcoming resistance as needed;
  • Comfort with taking risks in trying innovative approaches;
  • Tolerance for ambiguity, as each FI figures out how to best chart their own course through the program to meet their goals;
  • Skilled, patient listener, with good communication skills.

In this role, FIs will be expected to devote five to seven hours per week to Fellowship related planning/activities. Although specific responsibilities of the Fellowship will be determined on an individual basis (to align with the goals of the individual FI), overall, FIs will be responsible for:

  • Identifying ways to promote more effective teaching and learning practices across their area of responsibility;
  • Supporting the initiatives of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning;
  • Conducting workshops, mentoring sessions, or other events that showcase innovation in teaching and learning;
  • Implementing, demonstrating, and measuring the impact of innovative teaching practices;
  • Producing scholarly works, in line with individual teaching and learning goals;
  • Attending all required FI meetings.

Selection of Faculty Innovators (FIs)

Applications to join the FI Fellowship will be released in February each year, and will be accepted from specific areas on a rotating basis (approximately 3-5 openings each year). FIs will serve a three year term. Interested faculty must complete an application form, which includes a recommendation letter from their Department Chair or Dean. A committee of current FIs will review applications and select new FIs by May 1st of each year, to start their term the following August.  Prior to sending out official offers, the Dean or Supervisor of each selected FI will be consulted to confirm their support.

At the conclusion of the three year program, participants who have successfully completed the entire Fellowship will be able to join the Council of Faculty Innovators. Council members retain their membership on the Council for the rest of their time at EKU, and are expected to continue serving as an advocate for effective teaching and learning practices in a variety of ways. Council members also coordinate and oversee the FI Fellowship Program, in collaboration with the Noel Studio.

To inquire about the Faculty Innovator Fellowship Program, please email us at


Faculty Innovators 2023-2024

Faculty Innovator Coordinators

Dr. Laurel Schwartz

Dr. Laurel Schwartz

College of Health Sciences

Dr. Charlie Hughes

Dr. Charlie Hughes

College of Education and Applied Human Sciences

College of Business

College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Krista Kimmel

Krista Kimmel

Dr. José Juan Gómez Becerra

Dr. José Juan Gómez Becerra

Dr. Cindy Hayden

Dr. Cindy Hayden

College of Health Sciences

College of Justice, Safety, and Military Sciences

Dr. David Stumbo

Dr. David Stumbo

College of STEM

Dr. Cindy Tran

Dr. Cindy Tran

EKU Libraries

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith


Council of Faculty Innovators

Dr. Ryan Baggett

Dr. Lisa Day

Dr. Paula Jones

Dr. Eric Meiners

Dr. Shirley O’Brien

Dr. Cynthia Resor

Dr. Ray Richardson

Dr. Bill Staddon

Dr. Matthew Winslow

Cindy Judd

Dr. Judy Jenkins

Dr. Chad Foster

Dr. Molly Bradshaw

Dr. Randi Polk

Dr. Jennifer Fairchild

Dr. Beth Polin

Dr. Travis Martin

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